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Liara pounded by alien

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A simple animation to continue learning the NLA Editor. Let me know what you think. I like getting feedback to understand how I am doing.

Sound design by a buddy of mine.

MikealyaVA was used as Liara's voice go give her some love on Twitter.

Liara T' Soni model by Rigid3D

Yahg (Alien) model by 1ceDev_

Both of these individuals are very talented make sure to check them out on Twitter as well.

If you like what I'm creating, and would like to see the progress that I make over the coming months. Then maybe consider supporting me on Patreon or Subscribestar. Where you can get an available downloads, and work in progress updates on my latest projects. If you don't wish to support me financially, or can't at the moment. A simple like, share/retweet, or comment means more then you can ever imagine.

Ps- If you plan to upload my videos anywhere. I don't mind. You don't even need to credit me in the post. Just don't crop out my watermark please, and thank you.

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Very Erotik...

What else can I say? Liara is just hot af! >:3


IckyStickyAnimations responds:

Indeed, and she is getting it from a different species of alien... Even if she had intercourse with a Human. The title would still stand

Is it just me or does the Shadow Broker look like an evolved langolier. Great work though.

IckyStickyAnimations responds:

I didn't know what a Langolier was, but now I am horrified. I also agree with you. Yes Yahg is 100% an evolved langolier.

Missed the perfect opportunity for a pun. The Shadow Breaker. The old shadow broker is breaking in the new shadow broker. lol. Or The Shadow Broken. Hell, The Shadow Boner. Also, good animation but the orgasm made her legs look more like jello than it did her coming.

IckyStickyAnimations responds:

I've never actually played any of Mass Effects DLC, but I will keep that in mind moving forward. With the idea of more creative names/ finding things to make puns that are lore friendly.

I like thighs that may move a little more then usual. This is animation at the end of the day, but I will take that into consideration from now on. Thank you for the feedback.