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M-O-O-N 1

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well!! Look here! This is my early work. The quality is really poor. Very bad! FPS is only 18, which is terrible.

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You've got the spirit I guess. 15 fps ruins everything

really cool, i like

Moon feels like a character with more of an attitude, taking his time to taunt his enemies unlike the canonical protagonists, who take a more serious straightforward approach since they're on a mission, MOON feels more like a mercenary and I like the idea despite some thinking it's lame to have him encounter Hank

It's more than fair given that he doesn't even come close to beating him which would make it a gary stu, but no, this character has flaws and weaknesses, and this is the first thing established about him, I find that quite compelling, nice job!

eh, the animation quality isn't good, probably the best part is the music, but i really think you should improve in animation before trying again with a project like this.

Please make it a point that this is not your OC and that that your just a fan?