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Sexy Ninja Romance 3 [Futa X Female & Male X Female]

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The latest overpriced adult action game has hit the shelves, and after several hours to download the day one patch, Cora and Raven face the Raikage Romance Quest!


@MidnightDatura (Lillith)

@KumBomb (Raven)

@MinteaVA (Cora)

@LewdZaxk (Raikage)

Additional SFX:@OolayTiger

Title card art by SOL_willROCKyou

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Lilith is so hot, maybe try to give her a penis (magical transformation) in one of these animation!

Zer0-3D responds:

Already did, check How to Train your Demon

Yoooo fuck yea


The music's pretty damn good! The animation's good, though at times the bodies seemed pretty stiff. I think some more idle movements in areas that aren't focused on (shifting of weight in the arms, legs, and chest during a handjob for example) would really put it through the roof. Also the deepthroat scene with the dick changing size and moving on its own was pretty weird. Otherwise, well done.

wow this must of took long to make six people dang