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Some Space Movie with Stupid

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This was some Movie i made some where in 2020 i never published it to NG for some reason so now im gonna publish it

Fun fact: i made this to recreate a Movie i made at school with toontastic

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Well I have to say it is pretty interesting the voices are decent but at times would be nice if there was subtitles, the visual creations here are pretty nice.

maybe some subtitles


Kitty0708 responds:

hi there! i get your points now this was made back in early 2020 but was never realesed until now but still apriaciate your review!

i animate using flash i once actually used toontastic and this is decent i recreated asdfmovie using toontastic but for some reason i actually have no sponsors and my animations end up getting blammed but i use macromedia because it more newgrounds standard-ish if yknow what i mean

Kitty0708 responds:


Can't wait till these start getting some real plot device. :P Not bad. The backgrounds and sound works well, impressed when sometimes characters actually end up moving naturally too, like how the monkey jumped down to a specific stair on the staircase, usually it's a bit more random. Keep it going!


Kitty0708 responds:

Thanks Mate!

kruno5gaming responds:

Thanks :)

The voice acting and audio mixing isn't that good. I don't know why the characters are floating most of the time and it's very messy. But the models and backgrounds are really good, I don't know if you got them from somewhere else or made them yourself but they are pretty good.

Kitty0708 responds:

Basicly i use a program named toontastic and you drag The character to animate also there are inbuilt background and characters (The 3D ones) so yeah thanks for letting ME know what you like and dont like!

kruno5gaming responds:

Characters are floating because Marin used Toontastic btw thanks for half 3 stars

this is the best stupid animation I have ever seen in my life

Kitty0708 responds:

Weird i guess... But thanks!

kruno5gaming responds:

Thanks :D

Credits & Info

2.40 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2020
9:10 AM EDT
Misc. Kit
  • toontastic