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Sly Cooper Porn Parody 2! (MrSafetyLion) (18+)

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The Sly Who Bondaged Me

Animation by MrSafetyLion

Concept by MrSafetyLion

Looks like we got our boy Sly Cooper got himself in a sticky situation!

Would our beloved hero raccoon get away?

What does his dastardly villain about to do?

Find out in this spine tingling, pure tension, high stakes action!

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mrsafetylion responds:

😁 Thanks Lombax! This was a fun project to do! Penelope needed that Cooper staff


mrsafetylion responds:

Thanks Hikaru! Sly appreciates the love 😁

Lucky Sly in the end. Forced studding is a personal fav of mine.

mrsafetylion responds:

😁 Nice! Yup! Any second closer it would have been a scary future for the Cooper clan!

It's funny, in lore as well through meeting her in game. She actually had a thing for Sly more than Bently; this feels like she finally thought of something more was needed than just Bently's brains.

Love seeing your Porn Parodies.

mrsafetylion responds:

Ah thanks Blazed! Yeah if Bentley wasn't there, Penelope would be down with Sly when she grew older. A kinda fun couple if she had the brains and Sly had the skill 😁

Good effort but something about the camera angles or momement made me very dizzy...