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Neighborhood Erotica

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Point and Click sexual adventure game. Interact with multiple females, take them by force or with charm, exploring and avoiding jail, cast spells, discover and solve the main quest. Meant to be replayed as your stats, choices, and items will change your playthrough each time. Save option available.

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Some of the pictures arent loading in for me. But overall its a good game

AGRGames responds:


When I tried to talk with the park's mom using style it says some variable errors I forgot.. and I couldn't process with the mom.

Edit: the bug persists. When you say "i can already tell you're a classy lady blahblahblah" it says bad expressions $interestapril +=; you probably missed a 1 here...

Little walkthrough.
Style: +1 by watching food network and style channel.
Smart: +2 watch science film and read math book in library computer upstair to read a book
Strength: +1 by buying gym plan.
You can +2 at the library by reading skill books.
+1 at cemetary at night by solving the riddle of the statue (after drunk with Nord).
Quiet: watch painting show
Foosball: watch football show
Hacker: lvl 1 by solving the library computer resources and lvl 2 by entering the pin code (hint: look at the # colors and the colors of some words on the computer)
Park girls (april and june and may threesome ending) love style and cologne.
Tori: quiet and dirty perk.
Gym receptionist: small dick perk buy a boxing lesson
Missy: smart
Nord's girl: you need mind tickler (3 enchantment) and dirty perk.

AGRGames responds:

Thanks for your feedback - I cannot recreate this bug when I select that option, and I checked that it was already fixed in the code. Maybe you need to clear your browser cache. Good job on solving the pin code puzzle

I love this game, and i have played it over and over about 15 times!
i agree tho with the others saying you should add a quicksave/load feature.
But i understand that was never the intention in the first place, so a BIG gongratulations with a well made game!!
Now, how the f do u get the pin code for the computer in tha library?!?!

AGRGames responds:

(Edit: Save/Rewind feature added)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it and replay it. I know, the lack of save is a big minus for most, I don't know if I have the time to work on this game for a while. [Edit: save/rewind feature now included]
PM me if you would like the solution! I wonder if anyone solved that little puzzle?
You figured out how to get Hacker for free with the computer (the first puzzle)? (You might see the the Pin Code option anyways if you choose hacker at character creation)

its way to hard to get money or am i missing something

AGRGames responds:

You want the Recyclables from the Park when competing with Homeless Guy. And Watch Soccer on TV, have at least 1 Stealth, and play Foosball at the Bar. You can steal from the two bottom houses once you get access, and sell things at the Black Market. Not to mention buying things with Sex Cards! There I just made it way too easy for anyone who sees this lol

Please add a save. I got bored in the middle of my second playthrough

Edit: Second playthrough was well worth it. Still need a save option though

Edit 2: Changed score for addition of save option and dev reply. Thank you AGR!

AGRGames responds:

Edit: You're welcome! Thx for the rate

I've added a Save option. The save link appears in yellow periodically, and there is a Rewind button to the left that will access previous states of the game.

Credits & Info

2.76 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2020
2:25 PM EDT