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Monster Girl Project - Cle stage 01

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You can adjust the camera with the mouse.

Clear stage with the arrow keys and Z key

The quality of the web version is not good :S

You can download the PC version↓


my patreon - Monster Girl Project:


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how the hell does this even work??


Fun game, though it isn't very intuitive as to what the player is supposed to do.

I admit I don't see the point in gameplay or payoff. Having the player need to constantly focus on the top left of the screen rather than anywhere interesting is a strange choice.

Harming the player by adding onto their cooldown bar also seems like a bit too much. Perhaps don't add to the cooldown bar, but make their press worth less? Right now you're cheating the player out of any choice they do have.

The sound also grades heavily after a few attempts. Perhaps adding variance to the pitch and volume (aiming towards the lower end) would alleviate this. If you have it present, I'd suggest having the audio component stay around the .1 - .5 range. You shouldn't be able to hear your dick flesh tearing off. Unless her feat are expelling a lubricant, which isn't exactly sexy.

For nitpicks, the z-fighting needs addressing, the bubble noise could be curved so it isn't so aggressive, and her symbols should rotate slightly when equal in Y-axis to the main camera, as seeing lines tears the belief out of the player. I would suggest adding particle effects if possible, enabling physics on the second generation particles would be interesting visually.

To summarize, fix game interaction, focus the player's attention to the center of the screen instead of elsewhere, include a small tutorial bite as currently you let players loose with no understanding of what they're getting into, and attempt to smooth out some of the remaining production issues.

difficult but pretty good