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EraHunter v0.5.2

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Era Hunter is the game about adventures of the girl Era, student of Monster Hunters University. Era loses her bikini and is left wearing only a loose vest, which hides almost nothing. It's a story with elements of comedy, where Era constantly gets into various hentai and ecchi situations.

ver: 0.5.2

ctrl - skip text

right click - hide GUI

esc / two-finger tap - open menu

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A very solid game. The only Issues I have with it is the lack of direction when it comes to quests, and the flawed translation. Otherwise a solid game that blends together the gameplay aspects and lewd aspects very well.

Definetly not perfect, but a fun little thing to spend an evening playing nontheless.

I love the way its constructed also I forgot to save when my phone died an I'm glad the secret room was there also I hope there is a scene viewer when the game is finished p.s. you should also add another area where you can go naked without restrictions bc I wanna know the reactions of people

10/10. Great little RPG - style story, no bugs encountered, smooth and light.

Quite an interesting concept! Poor Era, around every turn is a chance for another piece of her clothing to be snatched, and her innocent, trusting self to be used and bullied by friend and foe (and "friend," looking at you, Maiya) alike.

And that is exactly why I love this game. Seeing Era in perilous situation after perilous situation, whether simply without a bra, butt naked, or fully clothed in a super-short skirt without underwear on, Era looks cute in quite literally anything, heck, she even looks cute in nothing!

As much as most people would hate to admit this, (and rightfully so, it's embarrassing!) I have no shame, so I can say without hesitation; as a masochistic, (slightly) exhibitionistic, sentient letter E, I would love to be in Era's place in more than a few of the situations in this game, if not with genderbent characters. I especially love the beach scene, with Era running around delivering flyers completely exposed, except for some cheeky body paint posing as a bikini. I also love Maiya as a character. She's the complete, polar opposite of Era, and yet they stay good friends... When Maiya isn't actively messing with and prolonging Era's continued nudity. Maiya gives off the vibe of the "best friend who you also both ironically and unironically despise because they mess with you so much," and I kinda maybe almost want her to dominate me.

For the actual "review," Story is a solid 9/10, good, smooth progression, and good plot and "plot" as well. For Art, I'm gunna split it into two parts; Hand-drawn/'anime', and Pixel art/overworld sprites. The hand drawn art is pretty good, and I love the character designs and Artstyle... And, y'know, all the good ol' lewd pictures. Solid 9/10 there too. As for the overworld sprites, ehhh, the main characters look accurate, and at least they aren't basic, stock characters from the RPG maker library. The tiles on the other hand? While better than most, they still look quite bland, although it's understandable, especially when the hand-drawn art is so good. 6.5/10 for overworld sprites. And finally, the characters. I've only gone over two in my rant above, but from that you should be able to guess my opinion on the rest of them. 9.5/10.

Anyways, this is probably the longest and most unnecessarily long review ever, so uh, yeah. Thanks for reading my mostly pointless review of a free RPG maker game. In short; pls play gud game -E

SOOOOO good! Dear author, I know Covid has been hard, but thank you for this game (v. cute and sexy!). I've played through both your games a few times, looking forward to an update and future games :)