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Erotic Justice Ver 1.4

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A murder has just occurred at the Birthday Maid's brothel and it's your job to solve it... So use your wits to uncover the truth and get laid in the process.

Ver 1.4 - Contains the first two major interrogations with Sherry and Merlot and the no futa mode as well. No sound yet sadly. Current version ends at the Merlot interrogation. More scenes and girls are on the way, as well as other surprises : )

EDIT: I've uploaded a bugfix for a few issues/spellcheck. Additionally I've seen a complaint about Chrome not working for some people? Please try firefox if that's the case.

https://www.patreon.com/bluesmut - Support the Patreon if you want to see updates sooner and get access to stand alone animations.

https://discord.gg/DjaAhss - and join our discord to see progress in real time

Link to downloadable version: https://mega.nz/folder/Y8xghSIT#vvaZuexq8HjJ0X84MMQXFw

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Fizz is the girl in black and white right, I love her

A decently written murder mystery game, combined with Teliosadmell's lovely art style? That's a promising start! This demo contains very little to do, but it's still quite nice.

This game combines an LA Noire-esque style of investigative gameplay with a special lie-detecting super power that is recharged by, you guessed it, going into sexy time. It's a cool idea, and there is potential here for some really cool lewdies in the future. The art style is equal parts cartoony and sexy, and I love it.

I like that the game lets you pick whether you want futa or not. I don't kink shame, but I'm glad I can opt out, as it's not really my thing.

Unfortunately for me, however, this game is definitely designed with a futa audience in mind. Basically every lewdie you get to see when opting out are blowjobs showing nothing of the girls' bodies (Fizz, Sherry), and Merlot's missionary sex scene with an unfavorable angle of her body that doesn't even show her face. If you opt in on futa, though, you get to see Sherry's boobs as she bangs Merlot for you, which is kind of awesome to be honest. Still, I'm hoping there will be more non-futa lewds in the future.

I gotta say, though, Max's lovely assistant Fizz is an adorable character, and her shy blowjob when you need a refill is easily one of the game's highlights for me, in spite of it not being too explicit. Move over, KS's Lilly, there's a new blind waifu on the block!

At first I didn't understand that the floating hands were part of her character design related to her special ability, and I thought they were some kind of groping UI, but it's still an awesome concept.

The story itself is decent enough and well paced, with some nice writing that is occasionally funny. You only get to talk to each suspect once, and that's a good thing. If you could re-interview people at any time, you could just brute force the case by interrogating the suspects, using the lie detection power, getting refilled by Fizz's blowjob, rinse and repeat, until you discover the exact truth, but what's the fun in that?

Unfortunately, this short demo still does not contain the full case, so I have no idea how well I did in finding out lies, but it is a nice little showcase of things to come.

If I were to make a complaint, it's that Max's design is kind of boring. I get it that this game is all about the sexy girls, but still, he looks too bland. Also, there is no loading screen, so multiple times I assumed the game had crashed when it hadn't. Oh, also, I recall not being recharged after Sherry's blowjob scene.

Overall, though, it's such a treat to find a reasonably clever investigative experience on a sexy hentai game! Lovely work, developers. Lovely work. I love to see hentai games explore different genres of gameplay, and this is definitely one of those cases.

Are there will be animated sex scene in future int his game?

Fizz is precious. Must protect at all costs.

wilsonthegreen responds:

Yisssss must protec :o

same as guy below me, would love to play this :(

wilsonthegreen responds:

Sorry about that dude, I haven't heard of that bug before. I have a dl version as well. I'll add a link to it here and in the description. https://mega.nz/folder/Y8xghSIT#vvaZuexq8HjJ0X84MMQXFw

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3.52 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2020
9:15 AM EDT
Misc. Kit
  • Tyranobuilder