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Welcome to Dungeoneer the game with subjectively the #1 worst controls ever!

Painful finger cramps aren't the only things you may encounter on your epic adventure,

Zombies, Archers and Giants are also lurking from the deep dark shadows of the oddly monotone dungeons. But how do you defeat these ungodly mistakes?

Controls & keybindings

Click/Space      Dash to the pointed location
"C" key		     Consume the Cu---eh Potion, mandatory for healing
"U" Key          Upgrade your precious abilities
"m" Key          Open the pause menu

Word from the developer

I created Dungeoneer during the 2020 summer vacation in just 3 days. Bloody god that's fast, and foolishly full of bugs please feel free to report bugs or suggest features in your feedback or via DM. I would love making a remastered/ upgraded version of this game with your feedback in mind.


  • Will you answer all questions related to this game? nope.
  • Does this game use procedurally generation? nope RNG FOREVER!


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you can just click like crazy and the archers wont shoot or zombies chase, pretty fun 5 minutes

This is a decent game, very simplistic in its current state but if you plan on developing it even further then that would change. The controls for dashing are okay, but having C and U feel pretty off especially since the player would be using the mouse the most.

The main gameplay is actually good, it feels fun and easy to pick up. It's nice that there is upgrades to keep the player going. The variations of the enemies also keeps this game engaging although it does get repetitive rather quickly. There is a lot that could be improved on this game and also bugs that need squashing.

I found a few bugs while playing:

- Fullscreen - If you click fullscreen and then exit, every single click you do will make the game go fullscreen. You should have a way to exit fullscreen and not let the fullscreen button disappear. That way the player can go in and out of fullscreen as they please.

- Load Save - I don't know why that button is there if you don't let the player save in the first place. It's unnecessary, and it opens up the file explorer looking for a file that the player will most likely not have.

- Spam Clicking - spam clicking practically made me invincible, not even projectiles were able to hurt me as long as I kept on clicking extremely fast.

- Video and Audio - At later parts of the game where enemies start giving a huge amount of coins, the audio and screenshake seem to stack with one another. The SFX for the coins is fine but when it scales it becomes unpleasant. The screen also shakes to the point where half of the room will go offscreen before snapping back.

- Fullscreen dashing - dashing in fullscreen is very wonky at the left and right ends of the stage. I have to click at the black area to make the character move to the next room.

Here are some suggestions for this game's development if you are interested:

- Upgrade Areas (like shops) - instead of having to press U and open a menu, the player could encounter areas where they could buy upgrades instead. This gives the player a reason to be more careful with how they spend their coins and how careful they should act since they can't readily get their upgrades.

- Equipment - giving the player equipment would make them rely less on upgrades, even if it's only just a tiny increase in stats.

- Scaling - to me, the scaling of this game is very off, from upgrade costs to difficulty. Try to make things more gradual. Don't give the player thousands of coins and upgrades that cost thousands immediately. Have it ramp up to those amounts bit by bit instead of it spiking it numbers.

- Enemy Variations - it's nice that there are different types of enemies, but having them just be tougher, faster, and do more damage while acting like just a regular zombie isn't that engaging. Try adding different types of mechanics to your enemies and see what works. Like having an enemy make projectiles that slowly move towards the player, or an enemy moves by pouncing every few seconds. Maybe an enemy that needs to attack before the player could do damage to them. Experiment and see what works and what doesn't, and what types would most likely keep players on their guard.

This is all the bugs that I could find as well as some suggestions that I have, hope that it helps you in your game development.

IF-dev responds:

Thank For Your Valuable Feedback!!

Most bugs that you found aren't worth fixing. (cause i already fixed them in the remastered version that i'm making)

Actually i do not know how you accest the "save file" button because i forgot to mention that you have to press "m" to open the pause screen menu where you can download your save file like here shown here https://imgur.com/G0X6UtC

However the gameplay feedback you gave is super useful!!
the changes i'm making to the remastered version of this game are mostly thanks to you

Fun game, the health points mechanic is a bit off, even upgrading it I can't recover beyond 2 points even with extra potions...

A good game. But quick question. Is this proceduraly generated. Because if so the way it works is weird. But a fn game with good mechanics. Went far in and got a little too far for the game's

IF-dev responds:

Thank for the positive feed back!

No the game doesn't use procedural generation anywhere. The enemie position and type are selected from a large pool if all types of a pool are eventually used then it will select at random

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2020
4:09 PM EDT
  • BFXR
  • Sublime Text
Misc. Kit
  • paintS