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Cute Neighbour TEASER 1

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This is the first teaser for the game i'm making. I will launch it here on Newgrounds when it's ready, but the complete sex scenes with no restrictions will be for patrons only!

The scenes on the teaser are a work in progress. They will be bettered for the final version(with scenery, face expressions, synced voice, more interactive features, better UI design - the current one is just a placeholder).

So, if you enjoyed it, help me make this game supporting me on Patreon!

  • With only $1 a month you can already help. This will guarantee you the final and complete version of the game when it's launched, with no restrictions at all!
  • With $5 a month you can download all the sex scenes beforehand! There are already scenes available!

If you don't want to or can't support me with money, don't worry, i'll make sure the free version is sexy enough!

Here are some prints from the scenery so far(somethings are just placeholders for now):





Thanks a lot everyone!

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Amazing job! Can’t wait to see further details!

Edeshye responds:

Thanks a lot!

Lookin' Forward to it!!

Honestly, i want to play this game. (Just to give it a try)

Edeshye responds:

Soon! :D

Cant wait to play. This is well done.

Edeshye responds:

Thanks a lot!! :D

Looks promising aesthetically speaking. Hopefully you can get enough support to help aid in giving the lass some better facial expressions. Good luck out there!

Edeshye responds:

i'll definitely add some face expressions! Thanks a lot for your review!