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Tiny Golf Puzzles

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  • Arrow keys - Move ball(s)
  • [X] - Reset level
  • [Enter] - Menu


  • Get the ball(s) into all the holes in the level
  • Not all balls have to make it into a hole
  • Water and sand traps can be your enemies, or your best friends
  • Rocks can't go into holes, but they can certainly assist you

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I was ready to write this off at the beginning since it was more a sliding puzzle than a golf game, which made me a bit disappointed, but I'm glad I stuck with it because I had a great time! The game does an excellent job at ramping up constantly and introducing more and more complex designs and mechanics: I was expecting to drop out at the standard 18 holes but just kept going and going to see what else could happen! My only complaint would be that I wish there was a bit better score-tracking and more fanfare for getting par or under, but still, it was a very solid experience!

The screen at the end that shows you all your scores should just be a level select instead. So the menu needs some work, and then it would be a great puzzle game.

There should be a reward if you get all the levels at par or better... like maybe bonus levels or something. Also, the only way I could check my scores on past levels was to beat the last level over and over. That was a little annoying.

Otherwise, lots of fun, simple, and nice music.

Really interesting and entretaining

218 is best score.

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2020
12:28 PM EDT