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Naughty Fairies - Part 1

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Download & Play:

Naughty Fairies - PC

Naughty Fairies - MAC

Flash is gone :( but you can download and play the game via the links above ;)

PS if the download doesn't start it might be Chrome blocking you. Open the link in a new window or try another browser.

Naughty Fairies is a new scene from our game The Legend of LUST that features a group of tiny fairies enjoying a big dick.

Each fairy can be toggled on and off as well as coming with their own set of animations and sound effects.

We have reworked some old models as well as dedicating a lot of time to implementing new graphics and detailed animations.

The game offers a bunch of camera options as well as lighting and background options that will allow players to customize environment and zooming into the various fairies.

This scene will be followed by a second and final part which is already well into production and that will feature highly detailed additions, most notably various cumshot and squirting options.

Hope you like the concept and thanks for checking out our work ;)

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Thanks for the awesome rating!


PD: I love your game


Same link as for last month. Check our latest post or just go on our page here on NG and check the links on the side. Alternatively check our website or our Patreon. We have links to download the latest update pretty much everywhere ;)
Enjoy ^^

Okay. First, my review of this "content." I say "content," because I respect games enough not to call this one. This is a fairly stiff animation of the MC Lust demon's dick (twitching? It looks like it's pulsating, but dicks just don't do that) as a bunch of less-well-animated-than-afore-mentioned-dick fairies perform micro-gyrations while moaning excessively loudly. There are three very wrong things I would like to address here.
1. The moaning. Tiny fairies are this loud, with voices in the standard register, and demon boy is utterly silent? I'm sorry, but if I were in his place, I'd be inclined to remove the annoyance and seek out a less migraine-inducing partner.
2. The fairy art/animation. It's clear that they were drawn in full-scale and then scaled down in order to fit your desired size for the characters. That is not an issue. However, more time could have been used to address the appearance of their hair, faces, and especially their expressions. The expressions look exaggerated, and (maybe due to scale) don't appear to change at all during the animation. Also, in most fairy-related content, exaggerated motions are favored, due to the idea that a tiny fairy would need to put in more work to please a partner. This also serves to make small-scale characters look more active in the scene. As it stands, they don't appear to be doing very much.
3. That this is in 'Games,' and your response to the first person to suggest this was a bad choice. As it stands, your "content" presented consists of up to 4 fairies performing single animations (each) with varied intensity. You could easily have recorded an animation showcasing the fairies at differing levels of arousal in a small video format, as there's not much else to do here. As I mentioned before, your format may not be video, but it definitely doesn't feel right to call it a game. As to the other part, I'll get to that at the end.

Guys. This isn't that difficult. Polish your work, check with your contacts who do animations/games, and see what they think.
Do these things before you put something up for judgment on NG. That way, if you release something of.... well, of this "quality," you've done so, knowing that it will not score well.
You had, at one point, something resembling quality. The downfall of long projects like these is that they require funding (i.e. Patreon). The issue with funding a project very early on is that if you decide you lack the passion to continue, you feel pressure from your contributors to push forward.

Also, your response to GachaponHeart? You don't look at that and think, "Hmmm. Is this a bit much?"
The point of a review system (comment section) is to look at the content presented to us, determine how we feel about it, and give what feedback we feel is worth providing. If 1/2 of your reviews are telling you that what you have presented to us is unworthy of being called a game, then maybe you should take that under consideration. It matters not how much work goes into a project if you still receive a failing grade. Sometimes it's a programmer, sometimes an artist, and sometimes the group leader who overlooks the project's failings and submits it without properly reviewing and editing their work.
But the last person you get to hold accountable is the person delivering honest feedback. Is your "game" designed only for animators? No? Then you don't get on here and try to tell somebody that you expected them to know or care more about your process. YOUR PROCESS IS NOT UP FOR REVIEW, YOUR "CONTENT" IS.
And the "content" in question is not good. Plain and simple.

If, for whatever reason, you still have the gall to consider this *better* than your prior content, or think that due to the "sheer amount of elements present," this somehow marks progress for you, I suggest a simple course of action.
Have somebody who is unfamiliar with your work "play" this. After that, have them play THIS: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/671240
Ask them which they think was more enjoyable. Move in that direction. Embrace what is truly good in your work.

0/5. +2 for finally getting to fantasy content suggested in earlier builds
+1 for not using 'How We Lose' for the umpteenth time. I seriously muted that in the initial build.
-1.5 for dumping on the first person to even leave you a star.
-1 for the sheer ego and pretentiousness in that response.

I'd say I expect better from you, but that's just not true anymore.

Looks cool. IDK why people make this animation so underated but No doubts - this is a good idea. I'll wait longer for the second part


Thank you brajan0202 ^^
We will be releasing part 2 this month ;)

You did some work here for not a lot of value.