Cyberpunk RMR: Marie Rose and Futa Rainbow Mika

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Even in the Cyberpunk world, Shadowloo is still a problem. A problem that Mika had to leave her girlfriend behind in order to handle. Despite her girlfriend Marie's abilities at fighting herself, Mika made the decision to leave her behind, as she had her own problems and corrupt organizations to deal with.   

As time passed, they sent letters, back and forth to one another, with Mika sending her pictures and updates, as well as a constant promise to return to her. But Mika's last letter was months ago and Marie, whom has been leaving the door open for hours throughout each night, in hopes of her returning, is starting to lose hope that she'll see her again.  

So then, what happens... when Mika keeps that promise...  tune in and find out.


This initially started as just a short series of 4 animations, but it eventually became an entire film that was much longer than originally intended(a trait I am getting known for X_X). So I truly hope you all enjoy it!!


P.S. I hope no matter where you are or what's been going on, in the world, or in your lives.. that things go well for you, and even if they haven't..that they begin to, or begin to trend upwards in a wonderful way! Wishing every one of you the best, and thank you :)

Till Next Adventure!


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Sometimes I dream about cheese
but this is nice too ;)

That was fantastic! The models are nicely made, not perfect but solid, but the build up, leading to a hot kiss, and then passionate sex, was awesome!

I liked the voice and sounds, the voice work a bit more, very nice work.

And I loved the end, and the extra end with some lovely oral <3.

Great work!

This is a good SFM! Animation was great, the choice of music was great, the creampie 👌 and the voice actresses fine work ladies.

All i can say its was bretty enjoyable to watch.
i take
- point not having a cum shot ending or sort of thing