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Tiffany Walk Cycle

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Having fun animating and jamming to music :)

Music Credit: Mind Mirage by Windows96


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Huh. Neat.

I found you in Tom's playlist. This is very good. The music is awesome and the walking is rhythmic.

MeghanLuna responds:

Thanks!! Haha wow!
Oooh yes! The music from vaporwave artist Windows96! Love their music!

nice artwork and animation. i dug it! woulda dug it more if it was longer...doesnt necceserally have to have a plot or a story....but just more to watch...know what im say'n? i think if a cartoon has really nice looking artwork and character design, plus really good animation then that alone is enough to keep some one entertained ans watching! sorry about my rant, GoodJob mate,

MeghanLuna responds:

Haha, you're fine! Thank you!
It's just a walk-cycle warm up!

hey, nice animation, i like your style draw :D

MeghanLuna responds:

Aw thank you!! :D

I am really pleased with how well you synced the beat/step - counter-beat/counter-step motion.
Nice bob on the hair/hem/sleeves, and solid detail on the background incidentals.
Thank you for making this.

MeghanLuna responds:

Thank you! :D
I'm glad you picked up the motion on all the little motions!