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Honestly this is probably the best thing I have EVER done in flash. I worked EXTREMELY hard compiling all the Bill Murray quotes from his various movies. Obviously I used wave files to ensure that the size of the swf file was small (for a soundboard with 100 QUOTES!!!). I tried to preserve the sound quality as much as I could so that the board will be believable. I also included my pathetic attempt at a little loading bar. But more importantly, a sound quote plays ONCE the Soundboard has loaded. So you don't have to spend seconds, or minutes watching it load.
The color is kind of funny. When I transferred over the board to my other computer (which has internet access), I guess the color settings were different.
A few quick things I'd like to clarify:
If you see this, "...", that means there’s a phrase before OR after the button phrase displayed on the board.
If you see a quote ALL in lowercase that usually means the volume is low, or there’s distortion/music in the background. Mind you I DID try and make ALL the quotes amplitudes "roughly" the same. Opposite goes for uppercase quotes.
I tried to position all the "BEST" quotes at the top of the board so it would be easier to find them. But what does "best" mean really? Some of my "favorite" quotes (ones that make me laugh) can be found at the bottom.
"END OF PRANK" means, quotes you'll use right at the end of the prank when/if the person being "pranked" already knows it’s a soundboard.
For "Trademark Purposes" I think it would be really neat if everyone played the "IS THIS A FAKE HANGUP?" quote @the end of the prank. Then this soundboard would develop of a "name" for itself. Just one of my ideas.
I hope everything else is self explanatory. Enjoy! -Andrew Baranyi-


what the hell?

why didnt you have any quotes from the movie "rushmore"? bill is in it, and he won an award for his proformance.

Hey tis what tis

Well im not the biggest fan of soundboards but i do love bill murray and you have capture some absolute screamers here, i have to say the variaty was great, and the selection inwhich you choose these was in the end right because i dont think you could get much better. Ultimate bill murray board award from me!

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

great s board

coulda been less spread out and more compact but still grea sound board.

you've still got work to do

you need to work on the load time!!! I'm gonna commit suicide, or better yet, murder! (on yo face B*^&#) anyways... it was fine. nothing i havn't seen before


That was so fucking funny. I have to use that on someone.

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Jan 4, 2003
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