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***UPDATE (02/19/03)***
(Thanks guys and gals)

***UPDATE (02/05/03)***
- Various bugs being exploited to cheat were fixed.

***UPDATE (01/17/03)***
- Yes, it's finally here! A solution to alleviate all those who had issues with slow movement! Now go play the game and buy the kid some smokes to get 'IT'!

- Use 'Optimize' button in stats window to turn of/off quality toggle when walking.

- Aquiring Net Worth is the main objective, calculated as follows:
(Cash on hand) + (Cash in bank) - (Loans).

- The Bus Station/Fineline Furnishings are not open becuase they are not completed yet. You cannot
sell the Cocaine yet.

- The knife increases damages in combat (Check inventory for details)

- There is a bug in the bar fight which
causes it to freeze. I am working on this.

- Cars drive backwards and just generally defy the laws of physics.


Twas great

That was awsome reminds me of a game called Jones :D

kickass game

sweet game, but you should add different things like a skateboard or bike or something, to get around faster, it's juss so slow wa;ling around everywhere, and it would be cool to have stamina or something for running, and interactive pedestrians or stuff, and maybe a bit more starting money, and maybe turn this into like an entire city or sumptin, kinda like acheap version of GTA or something

Wow that was a damn decent game!!!

You did very well on most of the aspects of this game. I liked the idea of it. Pace was kind of slow but it did get fun. Almost like real life in some of the fields. Great job! :-)

Very good game.

Was very fun and addictive for me. The only thing I hated it that you can't save or anything (Atleast, I think you can't). And it was really annoying to play for like 45 minutes, go into a fight, and be stuck in it. I pushed done but it would'nt work.. and when you try to right click and puch 'play' you lost the game. I know that this game isn't done yet but I know that it will be great.

What would also be nice is if you could have a map and you just click where you want to go. But then you wouldn't have as much interactivity. I figured out what the knife did, but what about the gun? I was thinking that you might be able to rob the bank or somthing (didn't try it) but you probably can't.

The cars went away after a while. but I guess you'd get killed if they hit you anyway. It's a very fun game, can't wait untill it's finished.

Not bad!!!

Although the controls do get a little tedious....I liked it.

Good work

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4.02 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2003
10:56 PM EST
Simulation - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place January 4, 2003