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You're a Circus

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Main Ending 50 Points

Reach the target number of people served

Awesome Ending 100 Points

End with 50% of people awed

Happy Ending 100 Points

End with 50% of people happy

Sales Ending 100 Points

End with 50% of people satiated

Scary Ending 100 Points

End with 50% of people scared

Author Comments

UPDATE: I've reduced the main service goal significantly to benefit casual players. If you already have a saved game, you need to click the update button on the travel page. Thanks for playing!

This is the second game from my custom webassambly game engine. I experimented with adding content and a better look. Please use a browser that supports webassembly in an iframe (most of the modern ones).

This game is about managing a circus. The main goal is a simple one: serve one hundred thousand people. But getting there fast or using a particular skill set is challenging. Read the info and try to satisfy all the requirements. The game is designed to give you the freedom to create the circus you want, and challenge you as you do it. So your goals are most important, and the main goal of the game is just a good stopping point (but you are allowed to continue afterwards).

There is a timer for each stage, but there's plenty of time if you have a goal in mind. Without a goal, the stages are not important, and you can skip them entirely if you don't want to deal with them. (But you may want to tear down everything you set up to recover the supplies used.) Pick a goal, either a performance you want to enable, or a skill you want to maximize, and work on that until you're happy with the results.

Hover over text and buttons for info in the upper left corner. Most buttons auto-click if held down. Additional performances unlock as you gain skill levels. Later performances are more complicated and useful. Supplies can always be sold back at the same price, so don't be afraid to experiment. You earn money from selling things, but also for each person in attendance. Many people show up at the start of performance, but people also enter over time. The amount of people is based on skill levels, terrain/tent capacity, advertising, and repeat business.

You may want to start off by increasing your Strength, Dex, Obs, etc. (shown top right under end early button). They are consumed (and replenished) each stage. Then pick a skill to maximize, then pick a performance it unlocks, then pick the tents to affect people in the performance as you wish.

Good luck and create something amazing!

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It's got a lot going on, just like the circus! Can you check the "Awesome Ending" and "Scary Ending" medal? They are set at 0 points, and as such, unobtainable.

EDIT: Just earned all the different ending medals. It's an enjoyable game, and takes quite a few hours!

kygron responds:

They're not 0 points, that's how medals start out if no one has ever achieved one. You can be the first!

too confusing and exagerate complicated GUI

kygron responds:

yeah, my first game was boring so I overcompensated

It's too clunky it's not obvious what everything means

I don't understand the game -- sometimes I can make food, sometimes I can't. How do I know if I will be able to in advance?
Things like that are simply unclear.

kygron responds:

Thank you for your review! This is a management game with some easy tasks and some hard ones. Food is one of the hard ones.

All the info is available when hovering over text and buttons. It appears in the upper left. For example, hovering over "Food Prep" skill, the text ends by saying that you need supply tents and supplies. So build a tent on setup phase (at least one unfurnished, because it didn't say furnished). Hovering over "Cut" it says that you need observation and supplies, so buy some supplies if you don't have any. (Observation starts full and eventually runs out.) It also says that you get food, so make sure you have space to put it, in "Prepared Food". (Hovering over that says space is related to supply tents, so build more if you want to make a lot of food.) If you satisfy those requirements, you will always be able to make food.

My later games are less confusing, so I hope this one hasn't upset you enough to keep you away. Thanks for giving it a try!

Credits & Info

2.98 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2020
1:56 PM EDT