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An idle/incremental game about using the nasty, multiplicative power of cancer to mine the earth dry and become super powerful. Buy upgrades and give your workers lots of water.

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it appears that when you leave the tab, everything in the game stops/ significantly slows, idk if this is a bug or intentional, but either way it makes idling really hard and not that fun, other than that, amazingly fun and addictive game

when cancelling the metastasize after selecting an upgrade, can you update it to refund the upgrades that I didn't take? cool game outside of that but I once lost a lot of currency due to being indecisive.

Drillur responds:

Yeah, that is fixed in the update that is coming today.

Strangely addictive. Love the stick figures.

how do you reset the game because i'm trying to get a malignant upgrade so I can complete a task.edit:thanks and also steel has an animation that only plays when ever you are not on the stage 2 tab and you left it running all night is that supposed happen. or is it supposed be like if it is an Easter egg?

Drillur responds:

You have to click Metastasize in the Malignant upgrades window, and then choose which Malignant upgrades you want before finalizing the reset.

Can't get any maligant upgrades. I have Metasize like it said I have too and nothing. I try to purchase the upgrade and it's like you must metasize before you purchase this upgrade, but I have....So it's annoying and now my coal won't do shit anymore...Fun fun fun /s

Drillur responds:

You can only buy Malignant upgrades while in the "upgrade purchasing phase," if that makes sense. You can Metastasize anytime you want, which--after you are done spending Malignancy on Malignant upgrades--makes you reset. Check out the LORED Discord if you are confused, there are a bunch of people in #general that will help you out.

Also, HTML5 does weird things to the game. Refresh at least once a day, because really weird things start happening