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An idle/incremental game about using the nasty, multiplicative power of cancer to mine the earth dry and become super powerful. Buy upgrades and give your workers lots of water.

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when cancelling the metastasize after selecting an upgrade, can you update it to refund the upgrades that I didn't take? cool game outside of that but I once lost a lot of currency due to being indecisive.

Drillur responds:

Yeah, that is fixed in the update that is coming today.

Strangely addictive. Love the stick figures.

how do you reset the game because i'm trying to get a malignant upgrade so I can complete a task.edit:thanks and also dang it I cleared my computer (cache and other stuff) and now I have to rebuild from the ground up all progress from every game I played ALL progress from ALL GAMES that I made progress in I went crazy when I got on Madness:Project Nexus or MPN because in arena mode I was level 47 in wave 64 but I have to build from the ground up dammit

Drillur responds:

You have to click Metastasize in the Malignant upgrades window, and then choose which Malignant upgrades you want before finalizing the reset.

Can't get any maligant upgrades. I have Metasize like it said I have too and nothing. I try to purchase the upgrade and it's like you must metasize before you purchase this upgrade, but I have....So it's annoying and now my coal won't do shit anymore...Fun fun fun /s

Drillur responds:

You can only buy Malignant upgrades while in the "upgrade purchasing phase," if that makes sense. You can Metastasize anytime you want, which--after you are done spending Malignancy on Malignant upgrades--makes you reset. Check out the LORED Discord if you are confused, there are a bunch of people in #general that will help you out.

Also, HTML5 does weird things to the game. Refresh at least once a day, because really weird things start happening

Stage 2 gets Pretty complicated. also just realized why the game is split into stages. Its a reference to the stages of cancer.