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"The Dreaman" ep. 2

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This animation shows the terrible treatment of chicken in the factories. The chicken when it hatches are divided into male and female. The males are grinded into disposals, from the first day they hatch. The females are either raised for their eggs or directly for their meat. Either way they all end up in slaughterhouse, often with broken bones (as the workers are brutally packing them into boxes). Egg producing hens spend their life into small cages and injected with hormones and antibiotics, overfed and usually deformed.

The morale of this story is that we do what we do to survive and for that we need jobs otherwise we end up on streets and die. Most people with no education or skills end up working in factories, the same can be said about immigrants from less developed countries. It’s a work most of us wouldn’t want to do if we had alternatives, it is degrading, monotonous soul crushing business, especially if you work in factories that deals with animals. It’s even worse if you have family to support, for their sake we are willing to endure any kind of suffering and that means inflicting it to others, paradoxically enough it all is done out of love. Love for their family members. So, we shouldn’t judge the people that work in this industry, the probably had no better alternative.

We like our way of living so someone has to do the dirty work. Many of us don’t even realize how much suffering is inflicted to the animals exploited for food in those factories. We only see the nicely packaged product that bears no resemblance to the alive animal, that really is no different than us. Its arrogant to think otherwise. I hope in future we can find more humane ways of dealing with this issue. I am not even suggesting to stop eating meat, we are omnivores that means we are equipped with ability to turn animal tissue into energy, ability that is given to us by nature. I am pro sustainability not veganism or vegetarianism, to me everything can be consumed if it is done with respect to the food. To take sides is to create division and division breeds conflicts and wars. We are collective human entity (not isolated as many believe) and we should find common grounds that would be acceptable for everyone not just one side.

I think If you eat those unfortunate birds you also take in all the filth they have been injected and fed with, no wonder we have so much health problems these days, do you really think it happens by accident, there is always causal link to why things happen.

In the animation the main character realizes that the one who did all those horrible things to the chickens was no other than himself. Likewise we need to see ourselves for what we really are (not angles or devils but something in between “The Greys"). There is both good and bad in us, rather than disowning the bad part and projecting them to outside lets become whole, embracing the darkness that is within each of us and see what happens, you might be surprised. Can we do that?

Anyway, this is only my opinion, my subjective perspective on this matter. Feel free to disagree ^^


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Argument about this being done from love for family fails.

Even low paying jobs have alternatives and you cannot feed family from a low wage anyway.

Sustainability starts with not procreating before you have enough wealth and wisdom to pass on your offspring.

Pusballe klāt par to ka Juris

YurisMikelis responds:

There is greater conmpetition for the alternatives, if you are immigrant from middle east with fammily to support i dont think you have much choice in choosing your job. Its probably the one no ones else would want to do. And you can actually feed family with low wage job, if you work in developed countries.

Well most people are conditioned to have children, they are programmed by their culture, parents, friends etc. There is deep wired need for survival aslo. We are privileged to even consider not having children. Not many have free time and money to be able to contemplate on the deep questions of life.