Merc. for Hire RPG

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Beta 2 is here with beta 3 less then a week behind it so enjoy the Rpg http://www.asktheguys.com/merc%20strategy.txt that is the address of the strategy guide enjoy!!!


I actually really enjoyed it

Not sure exactly what it was, but I found this very enjoyable. The graphics for the most part were really good, the musi cwent along great withthe flash, and the plot was easy to follow. My main problem is that it's pretty much impossible to kill Leonardo, especially when he uses the Betty attack. Some of the parts seemed kinda confusing in general, but overall this was a fun game to play that was done real well, especially for its time.

euhm med boss hard final boss easy?

the last boss was way easier then leo he attacked me and turned me into a maffiaguy and so i kept shooting him and he died

The first RPG.... but still not worth playing

I'm glad games have improved so much

((( OK )))

This was odd, i was not even sure what i was doing, there was a "LEO DECAPRIO" which was funny, aswas the other bubble texts, sorta funny, the "ARTWORK" could be improved with more colors and some shading effects, anyways hope the next one is much better....


Could have been better

It wasn't too bad, it was a little on the crap side as there really didn't seem to be much to it, it wasn't funny like I'm assuming you intended it to be but it still wasn't too bad a game, there were loads of mistakes in it, but they didn't really matter, better luck next time.

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2.01 / 5.00

May 7, 2000
9:56 PM EDT
Adventure - Other