Marcus Peblo!!!!!

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A boy with a destiny...becomes a man with a mission. The original booty baby stars in "Marcus Peblo" Also note Marcus Peblo was the second cartoon that i animated using flash.


I never thought you could do this 8 years ago

This is awesome animation

I finally get it

Okay after a couple years I came back to this series and watched it and NOW I GET IT!!!

Basically the whole thing is about the eternal battle of good and evil. Peblo and friends are like the heroes of the good side while the demons are, of course, bad. There is some kind of general knowledge amongst both sides that Marcus will win the war for the good guys. This whole situation is basically infinite.

Here the forces of Ciper are killing Marcus as a child to keep him from defeating them in the future. Kawala tries to save him but fails. In Ciper's dream they come back to life and kill him...

In the end we learn that it is okay, Marcus and his friends will simply be reborn, they will one day succeed and defeat Ciper. No matter how many times the demons kill Marcus he will somehow win in the end, in another dimension, another time, another future...

Something along those lines.

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a little odd

i like the animation style but it made no sence to me

family guy

wow he look's like stewew

Quirky and good

Sure I didn't understand it very well but just the imagery that went into this was impressive. The, what I'm guessing, nature spirit came and gave Peblo a message to do something with what seemed to be an extraordinary key. I enjoyed the music and the way Marcus seemed to be put a one-toothed smiling infant who seemed to be put upon him and large task. And I loved the way that you added the leaf to cover the crotch area at the end when the spirit left. I'm not sure if you meant to be funny but I found it mildly ammusing.

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3.80 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2000
3:29 PM EST
  • Daily Feature November 9, 2000