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Merchant Empire

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Author Comments

Game Objective

Make as many gold coins as you can by buying and selling goods before time runs out.

User Controls

To move ship: WASD / Arrow keys. 

To navigate menus: Mouse + Left mouse button



In the 18th century, the South China Sea bustled with activity as maritime trade flourished between Europe and the Far East. Merchants ships carried luxury goods such as tea, silk and porcelain from Asia to the West. In return, the Asian goods were exchanged for silver, medicine and all manner of Western contraptions such as clocks, watches and cartography instruments. 

Alas, such endeavors were not without considerable risk. Following the shipwrecking of their mother vessel, your crew must start anew in the distant lands of the Orient. Undeterred and no less determined, your crew has mustered what little gold they could to purchase a small ship in one last attempt to recoup their losses. After all, fortune favors the bold in the age of merchant empires.


OpenGameArt.org for contributing artwork and reference sprites. Also, a big thank you to the Phaser community for creating the open source Phaser 3 JS framework that served as the backbone of this project.

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its kinda slow

Wasn't too shabby. I think it'd be nice if you could check your journal for prices/goods you saw previously.

It'd be neat if the price changes were influenced by how much you bought/sold, and possibly having AI ships running around buying/selling random goods.

Maybe then you could interact with traders on the sea and get some quick trades based on their desired profit margin.

love it, it would be cool if there were more upgrades for the ship but anyway i spend a great time playing

Okay here's some various recommendations and shite concerning the game during my playtime.

First is give the ability to manage multiple ships so one can maintain multiple trade routes and make things generally more interesting.

Second is a screen that says which location of getting product X and how much you spent getting product X. Oh and probably a way to determine how much product X is selling here compared to there would also be nice.

Third is a way to enter the Trade Screen using the keyboard, not that there's anything wrong with the mouse option, I figured that it will make things more convenient.

Fourth is some sort of NPCs to interact with, maybe put characters as traders in the trade screens or have the ability to meet NPCs while traveling or something.

Fifth is some sort of Campaign, while the primary loop was enjoyable the thing is crying out for some form of story to give context to the whole thing. Maybe we're doing this to pay off a debt or something, the trading aspect gets boring after a while.

Sixth is some form of interactivity with the world, maybe selling product X in place encourages it to develop more or maybe place Y is undergoing a war so the price for gunpowder skyrocketed. To make things more meaningful.

Fifth is expand the world a bit. Maybe you can put East Asia there along with India and maybe even Australia. And you get from one region to the next by going to the edge of the current map.

And aside from my recommendations, the loop of the game is fun if a bit repetitive after a while and the graphics look nice. Can't say anything about the music and sound effects though considering I played the thing in mute.

this is a pretty nice game, but you only trade with nothing else there should be some risks other than just prices going up or down. you can add wind currants that if you use the currants you can go faster or if you go against the wind currant you go slower

keagle responds:

love that wind current idea, adding that to product backlog for the full release, thanks!

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2020
2:01 PM EDT
  • JavaScript
  • Aseprite
  • HTML
  • Phaser 3