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Mind Conquest 0.06

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Having failed your first attempt at world conquest; you get an unexpected second chance by possessing the body of an ambitious, but foolish young psychic. Now your goal is to rebuild your empire, restore your body to health, and conquer the world!

This update has been a long time in the making; the previous version had a severe game breaking bug that took a long time to solve. I've also done some balance tweaks to the game based on previous feedback. Any time balance is changed though unexpected consequences can come up so I will be keeping an eye on feedback to tweak the balance further.

This version still has the same number of kingdoms to conquer as the previous version, but this version introduces being able to heal or fail to heal your body, which can lead to one of four permanent protagonists; and variations for all dialogue and in particular variations on sex scenes for each protagonist.

Here's the full list of updates since version 0.05:

- Body healing can now be successful or unsuccessful.

- Alternate versions of all capture/interrogation scenes added for Healed Protagonist, and for Terri.

- Multiple save system added.

- Attack system rebalanced

- 5 Convos with Terri added.

- 2 Bedroom scenes for Sophia added.

- 2 Bedroom scenes for Sandra added.

- 2 Bedroom scenes for Laurie added.

- 2 Bedroom scenes for Azure added.

- 3 Bedroom scenes for Amy added.

- 2 Bedroom scenes for Tael added.

- 3 Bedroom scenes for Terri added.

- 4 Bedroom scenes for Tamara added.

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Please put a download of this game on itch.io site. The Newgrounds Player no longer works for this game as well. The game has potential and I like playing it despite the flaws that need fixing,but it sucks that there's no way to play it right now.

HypnoChanger responds:

There already should be a downloadable version of this game on itch.io and gamejolt.

First of all, I love the concept. It is very much up my alley. While there are a fair few things that need worked on (mainly UI things and some bugs listed already in the comments), it is interesting enough to keep me playing through it. That being said, the description says that there are 4 possible endings for the protagonist. I have achieved the body healing, and the failing one where Terri tricks you, but I have not found the others despite testing around. I was wondering if you could help me on the right path to finding those.

Once again, this is a good base to work off of! Kinda makes me want to do some game dev again lmao

i can't get pass starland

Not bad had some fun the managing of resources in cities you own with dancer and morale is a little tricky early on but gets easier with each city you capture however wood keeps disappearing before i can use it to upgrade any thing so i gave up on trying to get it and just went for a bigger army instead

the screen is too big for my computer