Hsien-ko's Sexposium - Darkstalkers

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Your invitation to the sexposium provided no hints as to the nature of the event. Beyond what you figured from its namesake, of course. Hsein-ko has long been an enigmatic woman. At the very least, you expected a public orgy. But this seems really private and really intimate. Sounds good!

  • Secretary Karissa

Watch it here: https://vrporn.com/darkstalkers-hsien-kos-sexsposium/

Animation by Lieutenant Flapjack, sound by Laarel, and voiceacting by Oolay-Tiger. Enjoy! If you're hungry for more, check out our public releases over on Vrporn.com ( https://vrporn.com/studio/darkdreams/ ). There's a lot to play with there. Please support us on Patreon ( https://www.patreon.com/DarkDreamsVR ) as well. You'll get access to exclusives, remasters, studio releases, polls, and a discord channel.

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At the time stamp 2:50 the dick clips out for a second.