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Hire Me Fuck Me: Fast Food 2!! v1.0.7

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Make sure to use Chrome or Firefox. Disable any adblockers as it may slow down the game. Reload the web page if the game doesn't work properly to see if that will fix any issues.

-v1.0.7- 7/17/2020

-Fixed Fathia's dislocated leg for her stand sprite when she is nude.

-Added some pregnancy help in the "Help" menu for those who don't know how to get the girls pregnant.

-Changed the wait time for the baby to arrive from 7 days down to 5 days.

-v1.0.6- 7/1/2020

-"Cheat to End" now gives plenty of money to buy everything.

-v1.0.5- 7/1/2020

-[HTML5] Fixed a bug where renaming the slave or robot freezes the game.

-v1.0.4- 7/1/2020

-[HTML5] Character slide movement should be a bit smoother.

-v1.0.3- 7/1/2020

-[HTML5] Removed "Move To" to get rid of a bug. Move To doesn't do anything gameplay-wise and isn't needed. You can schedule your girls to work in any room.

-v1.0.2- 7/1/2020

-Music and SFX are more clearly readable in the options menu.

-v1.0.1- 7/1/2020

-[HTML5] All sex scenes should be fixed.

-[HTML5] Renaming your child doesn't bug or freeze the game anymore.

-[HTML5] Added skin and hair color customization to all girls under the customization menu. It is more of color blending than actual replacing the colors, so some colors might not look correct.

-v1.0.0- 6/30/2020

-Added Scarlet's 3rd sex scene

-Added Fathia's 2 sex scenes

-Added Slave's 2 sex scenes

-Added a Robot in the shop

-Added 2 Robot sex scenes

-Added a bunch of items to the shop

-Added more story chapters

-Added robots to occupy all the automated enemy restaurants

-Added dialogue to characters

-And more

If you find any bugs, go ahead and comment below and I will fix it!

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i know i'm going to do in the the game

the characters are getting weird lines on them and it lags the game and makes it hard to play, please fix

Addictive and well made, need I say more?

so this is a porn game, with actual good story.

well, personally i got not, complaints because well like the first game i absolutely love this game.