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Swallow The Blue

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Swallow The Blue is an eerie horror game set in a weird hotel plagued with bizarre beings and interesting characters. The game utilizes a never-used before environment alongside brand new horror mechanics, one of a kind graphics/art style, and an unnerving story with rich lore to create a unique experience for players. 

If you really want to support me and my game, please purchase the game from my game page on Itch.io. If bought from Itch.io, I actually get all the revenue from my game. Steam takes a 30% cut, add taxes to that too, and I end up with only about 30-40% of the revenue of my game. Life isn't fair.

Itch.io Link:


Steam Link:



In this intense psychological horror 2D game, players are going to have to follow the set of rules given in order to survive. Players must also follow Sapphire Hotel's schedule, missing breakfast or the show will result in unhappy consequences. In between breakfast and the late night show, players have the time to go explore the mysterious floors of Sapphire Hotel in order to escape to the sane world again. 


- Never-seen before horror mechanics

- Thrilling hotel atmosphere

- Entertaining but terrifying gameplay

- Unique graphics and visuals

- Captivating interesting characters

- Narrative-driven story

- Immersive lore

- Can be played with only a keyboard

- Available for Windows, Mac, Linux

- Bob

- A turtle in the lobby 

Future plans:

- Multiple Languages

- Controller support

- Console ports 


Being a stranger in the area not knowing the history of Sapphire Hotel, you decide to stay the night there. Greeted with friendliness and ease, the horridness of the place is unseen for the first night. Quickly after meeting the individuals and participating in the disturbing hotel activities, you realize you made the mistake of your life.   

About me:

I am Faris, one of the Euphoric Brothers. Addicted to creepypastas and making video games, I decided to merge both hobbies into one project, thus, Swallow The Blue was born. I have developed this game completely by myself except for some audio. Oh, and I am also a first-year university student. after releasing a small demo of my previous discontinued game, through the feedback I received, I realized that the graphics and atmosphere are what I should focus on, instead of trying to create an action fast-paced game.    







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It seems interesting, but at the moment too many things spoil it- I tried the downloadable version and menu options were still off the right hand side, and having to wait while each dialogue types itself out slowly takes forever.
First time I encountered a monster I kept my eyes closed for ages but it didnt seem to go away, and I didnt have the patience to play through it all again! :)

Just one more datapoint for you: I'm also unable to start the game. Using latest Firefox. I see the title screen. It jiggles slightly. Nothing is clickable except a link at the top of the screen to points to your website. Best of luck! The tone of the game on Steam looks pretty cool.

EuphoricBrothers responds:

Yeah I'm not sure why that happens but for now you can play it here properly:

im playing this at night and i wanted to see the creature. well made and really interesting.

EuphoricBrothers responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

I don't know what score to give because I literally cannot even start the game. The menu options are off the right side of the screen, even when I fullscreen the browser. I only knew I was even near them because of the sound effect.

EuphoricBrothers responds:

Yeah I'm not sure why that happens but for now you can play it here properly:

Hey! I REALLY like this game, and i would like to give my opinion on it. This will include constructive criticism, but i'm no professional, so take it with a grain of salt.

-Graphics are done very well
-Story (especially in the last half) is very well written, and captivating.
-Dialogue is written well
-A nice atmosphere (but i do have issues with which i will get to later)

Buuuut... The cons

-controls are sometimes wonky or confusing
-The atmosphere goes to hard, to fast. it doesn't leave much room for buildup
-Takes way to long to return to the place you were after death

Solutions (in my opinion)

For one, at the beginning, i would ease off of the dark atmosphere. I get that with how short the game has to be, that you have to get into it fast. But i believe that the game would be better if it TURNED dark, rather than starting that way. Second, make it an option to be able to skip dialogue, so it isn't as painful to sit through after you die. Or, if you want to keep the dialogue boxes longer, than make checkpoints more common. I timed how long it took me to make it from the checkpoint, to where i died. it was 6 mins 11 seconds. I would love to see that fixed. I honestly dont know what to do about the controls, i think that would more come down to programming.

I love the game, and i cant wait to see more of it! i know you prob wont see, but if you do, consider my points. Godspeed

EuphoricBrothers responds:

Glad to hear that you liked it! And thanks for the detailed feedback. I see what you mean about the atmosphere and the saving. And I definitely need to add a skip button you're right.