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Love Aine

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Support the game development and have Access to Download Version and Premium Content at Patreon:


The game is in constant development and always free, I put a lot of time and effort on this project, so consider support it, so I can keep working on it!

Players has been doing videos about the game. If you did a stream or video about the game send me a PM and I'll feature it here:

Yio Senpai


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Woah, this is really good! Your writing is on point for the exact sort of humorous banter I want in an adult game, and the models are quite .

More importantly those sex scenes, A+. I noticed in an earlier comment you said you're more often a 2D artist, and it really shows what you can do in those scenes.

I'm looking forward to seeing more, and will throw some money your way on Patreon when my next pay comes in. :)

amazing 10/10
"I felt happy that I turn you on" or something among the line

god dang the person that commented before me about the password

For the computer password, the numbers on the books are randomised every time you start a new game, the order of the books in which you have to type the numbers is:

1. Divine comedy
2. Fifty shades of Grey
3. Great Gatsby
4. Gulliver's travels
5. Hamlet
6. Hannibal
7. Lolita
8. Moby Dick

Great, a game with locks you into a lose scenario if you dont solve an over complicated puzzle that only unlocks a shitty model of some titties. Dont bother, there are far better games with better art that aren't willing to waste your time to show you it.