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Neon Escape

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Click the arrows to move towards the selected position.

Click on random stuffs along the way.

Inspired by Riddle School.

Neon Escape is a puzzle game about escaping a prison. If you want me to add in some new features or fix any bugs, do send me feedback.

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Okay, looks like its not a common game I know.

ZenoGameDev responds:

In a good way?

How the f**k does one bungle a keypad? I'm sorry, But either I can't tell time, Or the Keypad is bugged. Please examine, because on top of that, It's extremely disorientating to have the keypad input right-to-left, I'm unsure about most countries' counting systems, but I can fairly make an assumption they all have the numerals go left-to-right. On top of such things, Re-initiating dialogue happens to bug out the dialogue, So if you click too fast you happen to just get Unicode Gibberish instead of the line you missed.

ZenoGameDev responds:

Yeah I know about the keypad one. Sorry for not making it as efficient and as realistic. This is my first time working with advance UI. I couldn't get it goes from left to right for some reason. However, I didn't noticed the dialogue bug before so I have to thank you for finding it. I think webgl has a problem with that cause it works fine on my game engine but when I upload it to webgl, it just happen. Might take me some time to fix it.

Edit: Fixed the keypad bug!