Project X Episode 1

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Well after 2 weeks of work the first episode is done..there isn't a lot of action in this first episode..it just mainly introduces a couple of the main characters and gives an idea of what the plot is...of course i didn't unveil the whole story in this chapter...I am thinking the series will take around 5 episodes before coming to an end...the next episode will contain more action and less talking..just wanted to explain part of the story in this first chapter...I hope you all like it and like i said..the next episode will contain more action..thanx...

*Just some things i forgot to mention..first of all and more importantly...the main guy has no pony tail anymore...when i uploaded the trailer a few dissagreed with that so it's gone..:P..and i'm really sorry about the big file size...you know..the sounds and all that...oh and is not that long..it's around 3-4 minutes long...and as always..any sugerences for the next episode will be really appreciated...
*Hey thanx everyone...the movie is doing way better than i expected...i guess i am gonna start working on the next episode sooner than i though..lol..i started today..i wasnt planning on starting till after a couple of weeks...anywa..i'm glad most of you liked it...i'll try my best to make the second episode better...



Your plot is fucking similar to mine for my Lonesoul series (working my ass off on episode 2 now) hehe but I can't blame you, it's a much-used plot I guess, evil corporation after a kid, kid fights back, doesnt know how he is involved, etc. But your animation was great and the style was amazing, so I have to give you a 10. (hehe the music in the beginning was even used in my Lonesoul episode 1) Coincidences are crazy eh? But this movie kicks Lonesoul ep. 1' ass, so I have no complaints. Bcause of you I'll have to make my plot tons more complex, hehe to keep up with you! Excellent work.


CheveLoco responds:

Hey i checked out you're movie right now and you're right we picked the same intro music..lol..and i gotta admit that the episode it's similar..now that's a coincidence..hehe..

i love the music except for at the end.

Can't wait to see the next one.

Oh yeah!

That's awesome! It's very cool! Good story! For the graphics you are a beast! That's very cool! I wait for the next episode. Continu in this way!


that was awesome! Cool story line, wonderous graphics, the only thing that caught my eye was the spelling. Anyway, i too am looking foreward to the next episode.


Introduction is cool, starting with a strange dream. The storyline remains a mystery to me, but clearly something is going on. I'm eager to find out what this will all exactly be about.

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3.70 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2003
7:46 AM EST