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Elemental Duels

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Author Comments

Created for the United Game Jam (https://itch.io/jam/united-game-jam-2020) The theme was "Two".

Not a complete beginner but not really that experienced either, nor have I uploaded any games on itch.io. 

This game is about a Evil Wizard and the Hero of Prophecy who duke it out in Elemental Duels.

Applications Used: 

Everything was made by me except the font (https://www.dafont.com/visitor.font)

Things in my game that include "Two":

  • Players (either 2 Real-life people or 1 person + AI)
  •  The time it took to make (2 days)
  •  Game modes (Single player + 2 Player)
  •  Choices (two attacks/Elements)

Day 1: (Mainly mechanics and ideas)

Original idea for project was called Two Elements, at that time there was only single player , multi player and the menu, it was pretty lame, I only had the core mechanics in place. It was based off Rock Paper Scissors, but with elements, 2 attacks and not being able to draw, I made a rock paper scissors mechanic first (for both game modes).

Day 2: (Extras and finishing touches)

Added cut scenes with art, story, and music. Created art for the elements then improved the rock paper scissors to make only two options available (fire and water), decided to make the Second Player in 2 Player mode the bad guy (Wizard from the cut scenes). I made some prototype builds to test the game and then published it on itch.io (https://atrixium.itch.io/elemental-duels) and https://www.newgrounds.com/ (https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/758928?updated=1593288930)

I would have (I will in future) attempted to add a full functioning health system like turn-based combat, as well as more element attacks (maybe even rpg like?) but I didn't have that much time so I just wanted to get the game as polished as I could.

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its art is great but the game itself is uninteresting

It's... Something, I mean don't get me wrong I like the art style and the cutscene at the start is pretty interesting, but the gameplay just kind of kills the vibe it sets off, all there is to do is just click a button and there is a 50% chance that either "YOU WIN" will show up with the other 50% being "YOU LOSE". If the game had more to do other than just clicking a button, it could be a great game, but for now it isn't really that interesting.

Artixium responds:

I agree, but I am a beginner and I had limited time (two days) to make it.

The cutscene in the beginning is great. So is the overall graphics.
I wish the rest of the game continued in the same vein.

However, if I deconstruct the core gameplay; look at the most important (and the only) thing you do, it's just a random number generator. The entire game could be a single button which would show you "You win" or "You lose" message with 50/50 chance.
It's not very interesting to watch, and there's also no skill involved. And as far as I can tell, that's all there is; the story doesn't move any further, the elements remain the same.

What you suggest in the last paragraph of the description *does* sound quite interesting, so I'd focus on that. And since you started with a story, don't forget to finish it over the course of the game.

Or at the very least, for now, make the rounds entertaining to watch (e.g. an animation of fire making the water evaporate, or water dousing the fire etc., perhaps with several variations). It still wouldn't be very enjoyable to *play*, but at least it'd be cool to watch.

Currently, the win/lose messages can be a bit buggy if you click too fast (make the button non-interactable until the message animation finishes).

And 'Exit Game' button is pretty pointless in a WebGL game, since you essentially crash the whole game (also, you need to add +38 to the vertical resolution in NG Project System if you use the "Default" WebGL template – to add space for the footer).

The game really looks promising based on the initial cutscene and the combat ideas you suggest, but currently, the actual elemental duels are the least interesting part of the game.

Artixium responds:

I have been learning game development and game design for about a month now and i completely understand. This project was a failure, but I have learnt many things since then and I can say with 110% confidence that I have greatly improved.

Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2020
4:10 PM EDT
  • Unity
  • Piskel
Misc. Kit
  • Bosca Ceoil