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A / D / Left / Right : Movement

S / Down : Sink (Can be used weather you are upside down or not)

W / Up : Sink (Can only be used when upside down)

A ball of sap leaks from the hive mind, it may choose to return to the place it knows so well or journey to somewhere beyond itself. Become one with sap.


You can now skip the intro cutscene.

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Probably the most atmospheric, intriguing game I've played here in a while. The art makes for such disturbing, yet sympathetic creatures of the saps, with so little resolution. A pleasing color pallete, minimalism at its finest, even the lack of 'normal' music helps with the ambiance. Even the mechanics highlight our protagonist's helplessness- no legs to jump, or hands to claw.

The story was an interesting metaphor, and innovative at that. It reads like a grim warning, and even if it's short there's still time for to set up very telling tidbits. From "I never liked that one anyways." and "You were always my favorite." to the simple fact that the hive completely drops its swearing in the ending.

The NPCs fit perfectly. I rather liked the intro! The dialogue there is great and valuable, and rather than skipping it, I think the best thing to do would be speeding up the section that scrolls through the hive, as it's the actually monotonous part.

(While it does set some ambiance, it could use a bit more movement than just the walls slowly scrolling. It'd be nice to see a rusted pipe fall loose into the hive, knocking out our sap and beginning the story. Or just have some sap faces moan when the credits show.)

i'd love more of this, maybe multiple endings, even if none of them were that hopeful. Still, I guess that would cheapen the game for you, so I guess that's that.

Was a pretty cool game but it would've been nice if you had a seizure warning at the start. Was much deeper than I thought it would be. I expected it to be one of those unforgiving types of games that make you wanna throw a Dundie Award at your plasma screen TV but it was actually pretty nice. Although I expected a bit more at the end. This was still a nice experience however and overall it was a pretty nice game.


A good concept but very short and the end screen was kinda really long.

Love the gameplay and the dialogue. Hoping for a sequel.

I like it, but I was hoping for more. You can't just create an interesting plot and have it lead to a blank screen in the end. I respect the art and work that went into this, but I really was hoping for something to happen afterwards. I hope you create a sequel to this or something....

BTW, Cool intro! I didn't know there was a intro!

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2020
1:29 PM EDT

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