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Duck Waddle

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Beginnings 5 Points

Complete one level

Half Way 10 Points

Complete ten levels

Solved Them All 25 Points

Complete all levels

Completionist 50 Points

Get par on all levels

Author Comments

Help out an adorable family of ducks solve increasingly complex puzzles. Create long trains of ducklings and cover all checkered finish tiles to complete each level. Thank you so much for playing, please let me know what you think!

Winner of the 4th place game in the Best of June 2020 on Newgrounds. Thanks to everyone who voted for Duck Waddle!


arrow keys - move

space - select level

"R" - restart a level

"M" - return to the map

"U" - toggle mute

Play on Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge for best experience.

Hotfix (09JUL2020): Fixed glitch that resulted in incorrect screen scrolling on the world map and a minor graphical error that was present in some rooms when screen shake was occurring.

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Hey Pixelulsar, I'll admit I haven't played one of your games since Super Pixel Man Void but oh my goodness, was this a fun puzzle to come back to. The levels were a good balance of simple puzzle solving and hair ripping difficulty. The most difficult levels for me were most definitely 2-6 and 3-7, and really any of the levels involving growing your ducks strategically. I would love to see more puzzles and gimmicks (loved the boulder puzzles!) in the future. 5 stars <3

Hard to find any faults. Very thoughtfully constructed.

Pretty good logic puzzle game.

But I'm not sure why everyone is saying 3-7 is the hardest stage. It's not. I have best moves 102 out of a par 119 for that stage.

The hardest stages are 2-6 and 3-4 and I'm going to say 2-6 is probably the harder of those two but I don't have par in either (at the time of writing this review).

3-5 was entirely too lenient as I have best moves 80 out of a par 106. That's greater than 20 moves better than par.

The pars almost seem arbitrary, considering many stages can only be done at best moves par, whereas other stages give way too much leniency there, such as 3-5. Without taking pars into play, the game isn't super hard, but with pars it is.

2-6 is probably the hardest level in the game because it isn't even clear at which point(s) one should upgrade chicks to ducks and it makes all the difference in the world for even clearing that stage, much less doing it in or under par.

I enjoyed this, also typical of children not moving when you want them to.

Simple, increasing difficulty at a steady pace, fun music, cute visuals. It's a good game! Can't say much else honestly~