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Ishavile's Arena

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1. JulienGuillaume 00:14:06.00
2. alexanderb1416 00:14:43.00
3. SlyVonSchwarz 00:30:44.00
4. jnqazwsx 00:32:04.00

Author Comments

***Special version for my supporter***

Extra sex scenes, extra enemy, special sex outfit, cheat mode, AnimateCC sex scenes source file






Play through of this game on my Youtube channel:



You were sent to Ishavile's prison, the only hope for you to get out is to win her underground arena.

Defeat other fighters, have fun with them <3, and fight for your own freedom.


2020/7/4 Version 1.1

Ishavile's fight is easier and perform better now:

1.Marks number of her snake pattern attack reduce.

2.Player attack chance duration is now longer.

3.Background cloud & rotaries animation are canceled to increase performance.

(These changes are done because web game environment has uncertain variables)

(In premium version, her fight remain the original difficulty)

***Control and Device***

Mouse only, tablet not suggested, the game has tutorial (wooden dummy)

***Contact me***

I won't get on NG often besides uploading or updating games.

If you seriously want to talk with me, or report bugs, welcome to join my Discord.

The link is on my NG creator home page.

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Really cool game but there's a fatal flaw: the red circles can appear anywhere, meaning they can appear where your mouse already is. This is a problem as, obviously, there is literally no way to avoid that. A way to fix that would've been to make it so a faint outline appears, with no hitbox, before the actual red circle, so you can avoid it in time. Either way, great job!


cool game

Teehee I'm on leaderboard's.

how do you level up?

Classic newgrounds, I like how this story follows your previous game.