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Druidia - 2nd and Final part

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Download & Play:

Druidia - PC

Druidia - MAC

Flash is gone :( but you can download and play the game via the links above ;)

PS if the download doesn't start it might be Chrome blocking you. Open the link in a new window or try another browser.

This 2nd and final part of the Druidia sex scene comes with a set of new actions including, pussy licking, anal penetration and cumshot. All coming with a rich set of sound effects.

We have also added a hotspot on Druidia's arm which will allow you to reposition it (3 different positions). Mainly because we have included a bulging option that comes with some quite complex sets of animations. Also, we have also added a new camera zoom/view option in which the arm is completely out of the way allowing players to fully view the bulging effects.

There are a total of 6 toggles:

- activate/deactivate Lust

- activate/deactivate Hottie

- activate/deactivate extra ass deformation on slam in

- activate/deactivate bulging

- activate/deactivate squirting

- activate/deactivate text

(we have added a lot of dialogue to the scene which can be turned off at anytime. Note: if you want to skip the dialogue intro, just turn off the txt toggle before activating Lust)

There are a total of 3 Patron only extras:

- fast and hard ass pounding

- fast pussy licking

- Druidia boobs size options

Hope you like it and enjoy ;)

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have all the stars!
Btw, what music did you use? i love it!


Hey Worldwar21,
thanks for checking out our work. Very glad to hear that you like it and thanks fr the awesom rating.
Unfortunately, I am currently on the road and I don't have the music archive with me to check that up sorry.
If you download the Legend of LUST main game though, in the credits section we have a list of all the songs we used. We have a pretty vast soundtrack and we spent quite some time selecting the music.
Also, a lot of our music comes from archives you can find on youtube like ReallySlowMotion and NoCopyrightsMusic. If you would like to use any of their tracks, you will need to purchase a license for the 1st channel mentioned above, but you are free to use the music from the 2nd which normally also offers a direct download link.
Cheers ;)

Damn man that was really fun to actually play, fuuuck...


Thank you so much! Very to glad to hear ^^
Cheers ;)

this is my favorite part of the game so far


Glad to hear that you like it and thanks a lot for the 5 stars much appreciated ;)

was going to give it one less star, but the option to turn off the text earned it another star

Response to Author's comentary:
I think any good h-game of this decade needs sound. white/background noise so we know our sound system is working beforehand and so we can adjust the volume, moaning, sfx etc.

However, at least for me, and possibily for many others that come here, we some times are coming back from work, tired, and we just want some quick fap with some interaction (there is just so much you can do with a camera and real people, hentai and interactivity allows more variation), and, for this cases, a bunch of text boxes get in the way, specially if they can't be skiped.

If you do wish to add text boxes, it needs to have the speakers facial expression at one of it's sides (so the skipers can take the emotional context out of it), the text it self need to be "short", and, preferably witty/funny (yes, that's a LOT of "demands", but, again, you are dealing with an audience most likely comming back from work that just want some quick fap/fun). I would recommend to avoid more than 5 text boxes in a roll, most of the time, and avoid more than 3 lines per box.

Now, I know that this game is part of a bigger series, with a story line of it's own, and it is not to say this game doesn't have it's place, but in a site that built it's user base in the time of flash games and flash clips, rare is the text base game that will do well. This is the kind of game I would download (for free, covid, wrecked my country's economy) from SVSComics to play across a few days and properly apreciate the story, but here, in NewGrounds, I'm looking for something... well, flashier... as dead as the format is. So, yes, in this site I will just skip most of the text and jump to the action, with some rare exceptions when the text is short and funny.

Oh, and I will downgrade games that have some short text, than an unskipable overly long animation with no interaction whatso-ever followed by more 3 text boxes, than another animation, more text, than another animation... it just breacks the rythim... luckly this is not the case here, though it is A LOT of text, it is all before the action, so I can just skip it all and jump into what I came here for. Hence the high grade.


Glad you like it Nuorg,
sometimes we wonder if adding so much stuff makes it worse and if it would be better to make scene that are a lot simpler.
Eg. in the past we did some animations, with no BG or lighting options, no sounds, no text etc. And they ended up scoring higher than most of our more complex scenes.
Or in some cases we might have had a scene with good ratings and after we upgraded it with more functions, it's overall rating went down.
I guess it has to do with human psychology, were 1 negative thing is worth 10 positive things (similar to when we read reviews on a product).
This is an interesting thing to ponder, so much work goes into so many different aspects of these scenes and it might be worth shifting to a less is more strategy.
Anyway, thank you for your feedback and great rating.

Response to response:
Thank you for the extra feedback. As you mentioned yes this is part of a bigger game with a story and certain requirements for the various sex scenes. The text ended up being a bit long true. Will keep that in mind for the next ones. Also, probably you noticed, the text can be completely skipped, even the intro one which is the longest, by turning off the "txt" toggle before turning on the "Lust" (male demon) toggle.
Cheers ;)

Animation, good. Writing, makes me want to rip my eyes out and shut my brain off


Glad you like the animation.
We do advise clicking on the toggle "txt" off before going for the eye rip ^^