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So the original idea for this was a 5 second gag of a yellow pikmin just saying frick (the Chadtronic one that I used for the bulborb) but then I had the brilliant idea to use the Sammy Classic Sonic Fan iconic "you frickin' fricks" and thus, a story was born, and then I kept adding more gags here and there. It's still a micro short, but it's got a lot more substance than all the other cartoons I've been putting out recently so there's that.

Also I only made this because Pikmin Tree was blowing up again on youtube so I wanted to get another pikmin cartoon out to capitalize on it lol

too bad I couldn't get it done in 3 days like I originally wanted!!!


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Additional coloring by Natty23 https://natty23.newgrounds.com/

Voices by Marandal (aside from the FRICKs lmao) https://marandal.newgrounds.com/

sound effects from freesound.org, including "jawhapr_boing.wav" by plingativator (all the others I'm not required to credit!!!!!!!!)

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Strange and nice

So here was a nice lil animation and found it strange yet very entertaining the animation was good I think the onlything I might ad onto this might be some added subtitles for when they are vocal, besides all that it was a pretty entertaining animation.

onlything I might ad onto this might be some added subtitles for when they are vocal


artistunknown responds:

they aren't saying anything though .-.

Appreciate the pun but honestly the plot device otherwise seems to overshadow it a bit, both the one getting thrown at the monster, and the other one first hurting it, and then the bird coming out of nowhere... you're left wondering what this was really all about after all. What happen.

Assuming people who know the game might not be distracted by those seemingly random occurrences as much though; they may not be all that random after all...


artistunknown responds:

It's definitely something made where the jokes make more sense if you've played Pikmin, which isn't necessarily the best thing to do always, but I try to make it funny in other ways too, like just wtih facial expressions, and sound effects, and wacky animation.

As for an explanation: in the game, Purple Pikmin are super heavy, and can one hit kill big enemies if hit right, so while the other Pikmin are cowering in fear, he decides to throw his body weight onto the bulborb (big frog thing), but instead of just landing on him and squishing him or whatever, I thought it would be funny for him to shatter his fucking knee.

And then white Pikmin are smaller and lighter than the other Pikmin, but they're also poisonous (this is the biggest detail that isn't immediately apparent I guess), so when the red Pikmin saw that the bulborb was still alive, he through the white Pikmin at him, hoping he would eat it and die of poison, not realizing he was in too much pain to even notice.

And finally, the random bird is a snagret, an enemy that will seemingly randomly pop out of the ground (it's not actually random, but if you don't know where they are in the game, it can seem like it) and of course, it ate the white pikmin, which is poisonous, so it died of poison. That bit probably was more random than anything, but it was also an idea I came up with on the spot, after storyboarding the rest of the cartoon, 'cause I wasn't satisfied with it ending with the white pikmin screaming "you frickin frick!!!!!". I used to hate random humor, but the ending is my favorite bit so I guess I like it now??? though it's mostly because the shot is framed nicely and it was fun to animate.

I love pikmin and this is p nice

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2020
11:24 AM EDT