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Hsien-Ko Rides Again

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This animation was made last year in late January. I spend on it for a few months until I stopped it completely in April. It got revived back on the same month this year. Around the time I was making this animation, this is the only hsien-ko model that was available in sfmlab. It's very old as you can see the crusty textures.

Animation - Me https://twitter.com/flapjacksfm

Voice - Oolay Tiger https://oolaytiger.newgrounds.com/

Sound - Dark Dreams https://darkdreamsvr.newgrounds.com/

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Oh man, your work is wholesome; my dream is to be able to spend an evening with this beauty, caress her beautiful body, hear her tender moans, kiss those sweet lips, I don't know how else to say it, but she deserves to be treated with a lot of love and affection <3

It’s SFM like this that makes me appreciate these characters more...and look up more porn for them XD

I fell like you've probably got inspired by that one hasien-ko animation Secaz did years ago.

LieutenantFlapjack responds:

You are right! It's one of my favorite animations from him.

didn't tnink mjuch of Hsien Ko until this