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Neon Tower Defense

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W, A, S, D - move

Left Mouse Button - Shoot

Collect coins by destroying enemies. Use the coins to buy towers. Buy towers in the shop(left side). Use the towers to help you destroy more enemies.


Neon Tower Defense is a Tower Defense Game made by a junior game developer. My apologies if this game is not fun to play. If you want me to add in any new features or fix any bugs(which might be a lot), do send me feedback.

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I've never seen this error from a Unity game before: it crashed and in the browser's Developer Tools, Console window it had

An abnormal situation has occurred: the PlayerLoop internal function has been called recursively. Please contact Customer Support with a sample project so that we can reproduce the problem and troubleshoot it.

ZenoGameDev responds:

bug fixed!

Hmmm.. Either this is infinite or you have a butt ton of waves that are essentially the same.. Going to go with infinite. I actually stopped playing a while ago and left it up just to see what would happen. To my sadness nothing happened. I have played the other games in your Neon series and you seemed to have a story going on, I am wondering why the infinite game that breaks your story?

Currently (assuming it goes up by 10 gold earned per round) I think I have gone through 70 or so levels? If you divide my total gold earned by the current per level somehwere around 40 levels.. Im not really sure.. a part of me keeps hoping my faith will be rewarded by continuing to play.. No one is getting at that temple yo!..

What could you do to make it better? First, have a planned end.. Second, upgrade the enamies by level, either add stronger different enemies or just make them get stronger.. If I knew at the start of the game what I do now 6-8 turrets is all I really needed the way it currently is. Third.. What is the point in the track if they can leave it? Fourth, boss levels. Fifth upgrades to self (why not, right?). Sixth, a pause button, even if everything else was great sometimes you still have to leave the computer. Tower upgrades variation.. all important.. Most important though is an end.. there must be an end...

Edit: Definitely going up by 10 points (1 enemy) per level.. currently 99 levels in.. Fingers crossed that 100 levels is the end.. Even if it is, please don't have us sit through that much monotony.. it is just plain evil.. On wave 100 now.. :( not the end.. so lame.. closing the game..

Edit #2: Currently on what I believe to be just past level 41 since the update.. Based on some of the other reviews, I am guessing some people won't like what I have to say. And that is, I think it is still over-balanced a bit towards the player. I think people need to just learn to use the right towers. I am using nothing but towers again at this point and although the baddies are making it farther than before even the bosses still stand no chance. I am again holding out hope for an ending even though you didn't mention it in your update.. I can hope right?

Was going to write a spoiler telling people having problems how to get by, but what is the fun in that.

Level 57 again.. I don't think I am going to see an ending.. But as I set and watch the turrets go off, it does occur to me that despite the simple graphics this game is actually kind of pretty to watch. I will play for a just a few more levels.. just in case there is an end..

Edit 3... Just in case there was an end I left the game run,,, just to see what happened... WHat happened was the game crashed.. Calculating based on the score I was only on level 120 or 125.. I know it was a boss level because the game froze with a boss up... Please add an end.. By level 60 ot so you can litterally fill every buildable space on the map with the most expensive turret (not that that is the best strategy). Once you surpass that point there is nothing more you can do as a player..

ZenoGameDev responds:

Thanks for the reply. The game is much better now. The health and quantity of enemies will increase each wave and has a small chance to heal overtime. Boss fights also exists every five wave now. Also, thank you for playing my other Neon series game!

Edit: My apologies that the game crashed. Also my apologies that I replied so late, for newgrounds's doesn't show the notification if one edit his comments. And to the answer of your question and requests... I'm not going to add an end to this game, for I now am developing a new neon series game. In that game, the ending of this game is explained. I'm sorry for the disappointment

Functional, but you’re right, it’s not fun. It’s got a very high and off-putting difficulty. Giving the player the option to start the wave when ready (instead of a countdown) would be good, as well as making the enemies slower, giving starting funds so you can at least have a single tower in this tower defence game, make it so it’s not an instant game over when one gets through, stop the enemies from jumping the path when they get close or feel like it, make it easier to drop towers (buttons hide and game pauses), and make towers and weapons do more damage.

Do that and I think you’d be on the right path.

It's not exactly a tower defence if the enemies immediately abandon their path as soon as you shoot at them. You also lose when the first enemy makes it through (there should be a tolerance for mistakes), so the best approach probably is to shoot everybody (forcing enemies to focus on you and move close together) and run in circles.

There's very little time to buy anything, I barely managed to place one turret before the next wave started (and I couldn't really think about the placement either).
The game once crashed I think; I was placing an "emergency turret", but the enemies got to me and killed me before I could place it, which crashed the game (i.e. dying while placing a turret).

Overall, I'd slow the game down a bit. Make enemies follow their route at all times, don't use as many of them or allow them to be as fast. Other it stops being a tower defence (which is about preparation, upgrades and careful use of resources) and becomes a top-down 2D shooter.

You should have some money at the start of the game, too, so you can get used to placing towers before the game starts.

Also, I don't think the game needs a story if the story isn't going to play a role in the game at all. There was a typo as well: "More details on Neon Exlporer"

ZenoGameDev responds:

Thanks For The Reply.