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My Giorno Academia

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Before you tell me that's not how his power works, let me remind you he turned his tooth into a jellyfish.

Fun Facts:

1. Giorno's "Come what may" line is an homage to the English dub.

2. I wanted Giorno to be in darker colors but I also wasn't a fan of certain color choices regarding his manga look. I decided to make all his accents red because of this.

3. I was considering drawing Giorno in his post-gang-star outfit but I realized that I would have to draw GER if I did that.

4. You might thing a down-on-their-luck child eating bread is a cliche but I actually based that off the canon fact that bread is Ibara's favorite food.

5. I originally wanted Ibara to clasp her hands together like she was about to pray at the end, but I didn't want her to drop her bread, so I scrapped the idea.

6. The brown hair kid is based on a background student in Midoria's class from the first episode.

7. I tried to imitate Kohei Horikoshi's art style as best as I could without completely ignoring my own.

8. The project was meant to be a comedy, ending with a shot of an innocent, praying Ibara followed by a dramatic quick zoom in with her making an intense "JoJo" expression.

9. One or two people pointed out that the backgrounds in Spreader-Man were too vibrant so I dialed things down to makes the characters of this toon stand out more.

10 A. While the stand sounds are from the JoJo anime, the coin sounds when Gold Experience is throwing a flurry of punches were made by me.

B. Those sounds weren't made for this project but instead for a 7 Page Muda (Music & SFX only) that I did a few months back.

C. The video can be found on my old channel, Lythience.

Sound got screwed up in the rendering process.

Couldn't fix it.


Shannon Hobby (Forceonature)


Andrew Hindle

-@AndrewOmega360 on Twitter



Giorno's Theme ~ "il vento d'oro" [8-Bit; VRC6]:


By branflakes

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I accept that this canon and nothing is going to change my mind.

Listen Giorno basically can punch a person soul out there body and reverse the damage of a frog he can do this


Good job mate!

That's awesome and in this case I don't care how Giorno's power works)

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Jun 18, 2020
2:29 PM EDT