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Peach: ULTIMATE Origins?! - Got A Minute?

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Princess Peach is claiming the spotlight, ladies and gentlemen, and she’s ready to show that royalty can rumble with the best of them! Got a minute?


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Did you enjoy the jams in this video? Go take another listen!

► Peach’s Castle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oWP1-kJDfI

► Staff Roll 64: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ruqn1Lnexs

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Great Vid! Almost like an official promo and trivia for Peach!

SchmidtTimes responds:

Much appreciated, pal. That's some high praise!

Royalty often fought in wars. Your comment makes no sense. This idea that royalty is a bunch of pampered softies is only backed by very recent history. Even then, I think the current queen of England was in WW2 as a medic. Maybe not as a fighter but still in harm's way.

SchmidtTimes responds:

I mean... in general I think it seems true for the Mushroom Kingdom. That fictional location was the benchmark for the statement, so I think it checks out fine. That being said, minus the dash of snark, the history lesson is certainly welcome, chum!

Additional Fun: It's probably a well known fact, that Peach was actually called "Toadstool" during various points in the 80's and 90's era. In-fact, her original appearance in the 8-bit era was somewhat different from how we know her today. Before being revised by Yoichi Kotabe, Miyamoto originally intended for her to be a short almost squat-like individual, during her first several drafts of design. This is still apparent if we look back upon the first Mario game, in which she's sporting a notably shorter 8-bit sprite. In subsequent games, specifically doki doki panic/Mario 2, this was changed to make her more slender, due to hit-box reasons, and reskinning as none of the character models were particularly short of stature (made all the more apparent by toad's bulbous forehead head). By the time Mario 3, and the animated series came out, the new rendition of a "fair maiden" style of Peach (then toadstool), was universally accepted as a more pleasing aesthetic to the character. In subsequent sidescroller games, Miyamoto suggested making Mario slightly shorter in order to make Peach "seem taller" than she actually was, without having to actually heighten the character too dramatically. This fitted in well with the squatty short pre-mushroom plumber that Mario gradually became depicted as through the years. Luigi, being the "default player 2" and seldom onscreen, was not considered in this as a factor, and remained relatively unchanged, making the modern-day interpretation of the size difference between the two brothers, all the more pronounced.

SchmidtTimes responds:

Oh, additional fun, indeed. This is lore I never heard before, so thanks for sharing!

Good video! It's nice learning a bit more about my main.

SchmidtTimes responds:

Thanks, pal. I'm glad I could provide a little more insight into your primary princess!

nice vid

SchmidtTimes responds:

Thanks, pal. I'm glad you liked it!