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A Love Stronger Than Death (Christian Animation)

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(This is a Christian animation, but it still has a cute ending regardless of what your spiritual background is!)

THIS is why everything will be OK.

Download the OST and E-book for FREE! I cried 12 times reading this book. I hope it touches you, too.

https://m.egwwritings.org/en/book/130/toc Click there to read it.

It wasn’t the cross that killed Jesus (that affected only his physical body). When Jesus embodied our sins, He lost connection with God for the first, and only, time ever. Jesus and God were always One. So, the absence of God was unfathomable. Jesus died from a broken heart. The physical torment on the cross was nothing compared to the emotional and spiritual agony that Jesus endured -- the agony of losing a loved one.

See what Jesus really went through for you, and feel His love like never before. Download the book now!

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I'm a bit late on seeing this. I like the message of this animation, especially the part where the little girl gave Jesus her old teddy bear and He gave her a new one (I cried a little during that part). Glad to see you back on NG after a while. Hope all is well and that you stay blessed on your path for Christ, friend. God bless.

jajaja,another brainwashed reatarded cristian that believes in farytales from the bronce age comes to the rescue,sucking the dick of the jew scum that invented their god for their own convenience.
your good intentions don´t justify the years of crimes and ignominy carried away in the name of your faggot god and son.Shoot yourself in the head and your family to,just in case.

Welcome back my long time friend. Glad to see the good news through your animated works. Amen for that.

You are a good person, Spike. Always glad to see your work, even if I don't identify with some of it.

neat not really religious but well done just don't go overboard like the last guy did spreading propagonda for the most part there is something known as too much but i bet you'r not like those type of people who would just keep on persisting and forcing ideals onto others so i must commend you on your animation.