Peter Griffin Impression

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My impression of Peter Griffin has gotten strange mixed reactions. Many fall in love with the moment Peter Griffin is in your Call of Duty lobby organically interacting with everyone creating a memorable experience. Full of laughter and on the spot improv, allowing interactive jokes. But things sometimes turn sour when finding out that the avatar attached to the username is a black guy... then the hate mail comes flooding in. Why is it harder for someone to believe a thin African American male, dreadlocks and tattoos to be able to have such an impression???... How would things differ if I physically resembled Peter???... Learn to educate over the choice to humiliate. Even the creators of #familyguy get hate and negativity.. But giving into these things will block your true potential. Stay Focused y’all! 

IG: @c_cam_art ✍?

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This is so funny dude! I'm sorry that you put up with this shit because you're black. But still, this is too funny!

griffin gaming

this is effing lit

Accurate character design and fitting background design. The facial expressions are fluid with the script. The impression's very close, however it should have a bit more power put into it, and the audio seems a bit shaky sometimes.

pretty close mate