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Author Comments

Simplicity is a 1-bit platformer with 8 levels. The game is still in development. This game is only made by me. The game will get bug fixes just comment if there are any bugs. Also tell me witch level It's on.

Patch notes: Exit during game play and bug fixes.

Instructions: Use the A to go left or D to go right or just us the Arrow keys. Press space to jump. Hit ESC to exit during game play

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Simple platformer, True to its name. Although calling it 1-bit is a misnomer because I came in expecting this to look like a 1-bit game, Like Gato Roboto (1-bit meaning it's only black and white, or sometimes dark purple and light mintgreen if you want it to look gameboy-like.) And 1 more thing, And I see this in every indie prototype or small indie project, please give us a way, or find a way to turn off the bloom. It doesn't automatically make everything look prettier or more ethereal, It only makes it more straining on the eyes.

i love it its so simple just with post proccesing (dont know if i write it right) collisions and simple sprites NIIIIIIIIICCCCCEEEE GAAAAMMMEEE love it

I have some constructive criticism.

1) Others have said this, but the spike hitboxes are bad almost to the point of being offensive.

2) The air speed is incredibly high, such that I can skip most of a level just by double jumping and finding my landing point through trial and error. The level design doesn't help.

3) The visuals just kinda... aren't good. Just removing the glow effect from everything would honestly fix most of the problem instantly.

not bad..

Hmmm.. Where to begin.. First, we may as well start with what you put first.. 1-bit. I don't think you understand what 1-bit means. This is not a 1-bit game. in a 1-bit game you can only have 2 colors (usually black and white), and the pixel blocks are either on or off (no shades of gray, unless they are created by on/off pixels). No glow effects no multiple colors..

Second I suppose the simplicity of the thing. Graphically, if it was 1-bit it would be simplistic. Glow effects are not simplistic, and quite frankly they are annoying and don't look good. The game itself, however is simplistic, there isn't a lot to it. You walk, jump, die, or get into a portal. The end. Gameplay, while on the surface simplistic is not really. For starters, you can quadruple jump. A rather unusual feature for most games. You also have areas where the player is apparently not intended to go, and rather than putting in a barrier you add instant death (multiple levels).. Also not simplistic, it means as a player (who will always try to find the safest and fastest path) you have to constantly be on the lookout for something that isn't visible..

I said it before and I will say it again, the glow effect is really annoying. Consider killing it.

I understand that this is your first 'downloadable' game ever, but it seems like it could use some optimization. Although the game ran smoothly it loaded really slowly, many high quality (read graphics intensive and gameplay expansive) Unity games load really quickly one of the benefits of Unity. Perhaps it was just that moment Newgrounds farted or perhaps the uploaded version needs to be optimized there are a bunch of tutorials and threads on how to do this if you just search for unity optimization.

Last critical thing I am going to bring up is frame size.. You have the frame size set to 1500x1500... Yout game size (unity container) is.. 960x600.. Which leaves a massive blank area around your game.. Unity container and frame size should be the same.. so you don't end up with the annoying massive blank area..

All of that said the game really wasn't too horrible. There were a few levels it was pretty easy. I didn't find the hit boxes for the spikes to be janky (as other reviewers had commented). I do agree that it would be nice to see an expanded world with more levels and more challenges. I do appreciate that you put thought into the level design and with the exception of the places where you insta-kill us for going off the path you do a relatively good job of directing the player without making us feel like we should be able to take a different path. I am going to agree with the approximate general consensus at this time and give the game 2.5/5 stars.

KdogDev responds:

I copied and paste the gamejolt description btw. I wasn’t meant to do that. I am very busy with other things like working on my next game (Only on gamejolt) and I am also moving soon.

Credits & Info

2.71 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2020
11:30 PM EDT