Bia Loses Her Anal Virginity (18+ Minecraft Animation)

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Bia asks a random player for butt stuff

Featured skin - NinjaCrusader

  • Discord - NinjaCrusader#2310
  • Minecraft IGN - NinjaistheCrusade

Voice actress for Bia

Bia model

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I made this account solely to express my surprise when I heard the roblox 'oof' sound when Bia lands on her stomach on the bed. On another note, really love how fluid the animation is, plus the dash of humour really pulls it all together and makes it feel much more real, all-in-all, 10/10!

Love the animation style and it is so smooth, also really good expirations + Bia is one of my favorite characters

freddy fazbears pizza

Why did you name this mfing knight a ninja