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A puzzle platformer where you can stop time and ride bullets. Made for the GameDev.TV community game jam. I put a lot of love into it so I'd love to hear your feedback. 

And if you want to know how it was made, check out my devlog on Youtube 

You can follow me on Twitter or Discord!

and make sure to follow me on itch to receive updates on this game! I'll be adding more levels, new mechanics and a few QOL improvements.

WASD/arrow keys — movement

Space / L-Shift — Stop time

Z / R-Shift— shoot


Ezra provided me a nice player movement code which I then tweaked to suit the game. He makes awesome games! itch: https://ezra-szanton.itch.io/ twitter:  https://twitter.com/ESzanton

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unique game!

Awesome puzzler! This really hit it outta the park for me: great, professional presentation with nice polish like squash and stretch animations and transitions and so on, great platforming with subtle gamefeel inclusions like coyote time and rounded edges for clambering up, great pacing with the level design and steady introduction of mechanics and increasing difficulty, and very creative and fun puzzles! I'd love to see even more puzzles in this as I just wanted to keep playing more and more; you got me hooked! Only complaints I had were minor: one, the rounded edges for platforms is a double-edged sword since, while it makes it easier to get on a platform when you're jumping up to it, it also makes it so you can slip off a platform if you're standing on the edge of it, which shouldn't happen, and two, I felt like maybe the door puzzles should've been put before the bullet puzzles because the bullet puzzles were like the cherry on the sundae which maybe should be left for last as a matter of escalation (but then again, they say you should put your best stuff forward, so maybe having the bullets early is a good hook).

very fun and unique gameplay, also za warudo

great game however i am contractually obbligated to say: "ZA WARUDO TOKI WO TOMARE!"

"Oh, you're approaching me? You using your Time Stop to somehow reach me, the floating orb?"

"I can't beat the level without getting closer."