Autumnal Harvest

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It's just an average day at a medical clinic with two average doctors dealing with average problems. Very average.

This is an animation I did 2 years ago for a uni assignment that I never uploaded here until now, not sure why.

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Good stuff, glad you decided to share!
My only complaint would be is that the moment where the doctors are surrounded by mosquitos is just a static image + camera shakes, which really stood out, considering that you animated so many little details throughout the animation. But to be honest it's a really minor issue, of which you are most likely aware.
Overall, it's well animated and has a good humor, achieved without a single line of dialogue. Impressive! The switches between camera angles is pretty organic and doesn't ruin the flow, which is a big plus. Really like how you managed to mix simple (for animated characters) and detailed (for static pieces) artstyles, very appealing and reminiscent of old cartoon shows!

Mental-Autopsy responds:

Hey thanks!
And yeah the still frames were sort of an experiment (I was seeing how little I had to animate because I was behind on time, some stuff worked, some stuff didn't)