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Inkubak - Ep 1-3 (18+ NSFW)

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Author Comments

Ink the Incubus gets trapped in the body of an unsuspecting male exchange student.

The only food source available seems to be the young Bitch next door - will your Host be able to tame her?

This is a trainer Visual Novel. Or maybe not?

Mobile: prefer APK download version :)


PC/Mac versions available too.

Check my Patreon so I can make the next episodes greater!

https://patreon.com/BozR (or follow for news)

Note: Newgrounds excludes adult games from monetization, I don't make a dime here :/

Languages: English, French

Current tags (spoiler): BxG, 2dCG, animated, possession, mythical creature, corruption, strip, blasphemy, virginity, oral, cunnilingus, vaginal, maledom, mental changes, condom, fellatio, boobjob, blowjob, cock worship, swallow, anal (optional), [CENSORED]

Tell me what you liked / didn't like!

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Really nice ! ^^ A good job :)

BozR responds:


Damn was expecting it to be bad because of the low ratings but it was actually enjoyable. The grind was worth it. Not a lot of games do this but the rewind option for misclicks helps a lot. Really can't wait for the next game to come out.

BozR responds:

Glad you liked it!

i really like it but would like more things to do. maybe some school scenes or something, to push the bitch side some more. or go to the city and have some shop screen.
and definatly knock her up in future episodes.

BozR responds:

Thanks for your feedback! I'd definitely like to expand this further with more time/funding :)

I was expecting the game to be another shitty trainer rippoff but was pleasantly surprised by good writting and hot art. Hope we get her pregnant soon! Would also love to see if bitch is possesed by a succubus. Would make for a cool ending where both Ink and Host get someone.

BozR responds:

I'm glad you think that my game stands out, and you've got interesting ideas ^_^
(but I'm not spoiling what happens in the next episode ;))

really like the art but i really wanted to be turned on by this game and instead im just reading and im not feeling like i want to read for hours for any payoff. sortof wish people worked on h scenes like all the zone style ones instead of writing hours of material for what imo should just be like 15-20 minutes of erotic entertainment imean its fine if people are into that sort of thing but its just allitle frustrating when i see a thumbnail with great art only to be put in front of a red blinking screen staring at a background where now i have to read like idk not mad but i went soft playing your game for what its worth wishing there was a better way i could avoid visual novels for more interactive experiances

BozR responds:

Hi! If you want to skip the build-up I'd suggest jumping to Ep3 -- lots of scenes unlocked already, and there's even an episode summary!

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2020
11:00 AM EDT
  • Blender
  • Audacity
  • Krita
  • LMMS
  • Ren'Py
  • RenPyWeb