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I can't believe how beautiful you are...

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I just can't believe it, you have to be lying or something... How is it even possible ? This is just amazing... I can't wrap my mind around the pure perfection you are.

Everything from the music to the animation made by me.

Consider subscribing and checking my other creations if you liked my work, it makes me smile a little bit with satisfaction:


Check my Twitter, maybe I will post things there one day:



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i cant believe i could gain trust and then be backstabbed within the span of 2 minutes....

IwanaTry responds:

Ha ha, yes life can be cruel!

This was interesting. The audio is too hard to understand. I needed to turn up the volume extremely high and it was still hard to understand. I think part of it is the quality of the recording, but I think large part is that the music and sounds needed to be less loud compared to the voice. The voice is inherently hard to understand, but the real problem is that it's hard to hear the voice. I also would have preferred it if there was no swearing.

IwanaTry responds:

The audio quality of the recording is pretty good, done with a Blue Yeti. But I do have a french accent that makes it harder to understand and I did put too much emphasis on the music and on the audio effects. I agree the swearing wasn't really necessary (it wasn't in the script I wrote but came out when I recorded), it didn't bothered me though. Thanks for the feedback and have a good day!