A Very Intense Battle

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Ok, this is something I've been working on for a while now... I've submitted earlier verions of this as "failattmpt@animation", but I've decided to go back to the original title of "A Very Intense Battle".
It's probably safe to stream once 75% has loaded... If you want to stop the music at any time, push 's'. It's fairly low quality to lower the size (try 1/10th of the size of full quality).
Anyway, enjoy!

...and because people keep complaining about the music, I'll say it again - push 's' at any time to stop any sound currently playing - including the music, although I think you have to click in the window first for flash to recognise key strokes (for fuck's sake - you'd think people on a site like this would have a higher tolerance for extreme music).


its a stick fight....

well, the fight was pretty good, and OBVIOUSLY took a shit load of time to do since it was frame by frame... However, there was no background, very VERY ANNOYING NOISES, and kinda bland overall... But that doesnt mean it wasn't a good movie... Just lacked a bit of stuff... You can do better man, just don't give up. It was a good fight, with obvious work and time... I hate it when all my time goes to waste on a movie... Your movie was really good, just needed MORE stuff in the background, and less of that shitty noise you had...

MetaphorcE responds:

ok thanks for the review. I would add stuff to the background, but as this is a frame by frame animation, I would need to re-do each frame - maybe I'll get round to that one day... I did consider it at one point, but I'd already done about 300 frames...
Yeah, I know people hate the sound, so yeah, I probably will change that if ever work on this again.
Anyway, thanks for the support.




Just another stick movie... nothing really wrong with it persay other than the sound (which made me think that you put a walkman inside a tin can and recorded it from there). Otherwise it's a pretty cleanly animated piece.

MetaphorcE responds:

Can you people <please> read the author's comments?
In response to "you put a walkman inside a tin can and recorded it from there" can I point out that I already said "It's [the sound] fairly low quality to lower the size (try 1/10th of the size of full quality)". which is why I added the option to turn it off with 's'. This isn't bad sound - it's smart optimisation. I <never> add full quality sounds to my flash unless it is an original sound by me or by someone I know well enough to ask in person for their permission.

to be continued? god i hope not

that music annoyed the hell out of me... and how original was that? two stick figures fighting. Sucked.

MetaphorcE responds:

I aproached stick fighting as a genre. I wanted to make a "pure" stick movie - meaning no plot, no (real) dialogue, not even an environment, just two sticks going at it. as for originality, I feel have brought something new to the genre - I've never seen wrestling moves in any other stick movie I've seen. apart from that I was concentrating on craft - but I'll forgive you for not knowing about that with your <0> submissions

Not as intense as it would like to be...

and umm needs some work. You have talent. Ummm..ohh yeah I haven't heard Gabber in a while. Nice track! (for all of you who listen to the genre ;-) L8

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2.84 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2003
7:47 AM EST
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