Ross'QUEST [VOL.1]

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Hello everyone! ♥ I'm RossTeddy

I have seen that many people are not a big fan of games created by the UNITY platform ... so that you do not have problems with waiting, loading and intervening, I have exclusively put you a download link by DROPBOX so that you can enjoy the game without need to open newgrounds, enjoy

GAME VOL.1 (195MB):


For translation problems there may be errors in the texts when referring to the genres, I apologize

The first part of my game is now available... delve into this adventure where Ross will have as her mission to rescue the princess from her kingdom kidnapped by a powerful and great dark demon... but it will not be easy because she will have to deal sexually with all the minions that stand in their way until they complete their first and only quest, save the princess... I play in counted update... every month it will grow and add new scenes and the path lengthens making the game wider obtaining new paths, new options ... all this thanks to your support for being subscribed to my patreon!



The game is currently updated with new scenes and new monsters:

New monsters (A small example, I do not show all to avoid spoilers)


New sex scenes (A small example, I do not show all to avoid spoilers)


GAME VOL 2.4 (535MB):


I hope you can help me with your comments full of always constructive criticism to help me improve this project for the future, thanks to the support of my patrons we have been able to create this as well as all my previous works, gifs, movies and minigames, thanks for your follow-up and support for! ♥

Scenes available in newgrounds:

Scene Orc

Scene Uggi

Scene Greenlings

Scene Horses

Scene Slaved

Scene Princess Viki

Scene Demon

Scene Minotaur

Scene Orgy


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Perhaps in a later update, you can give the player a choice on whether or not to spare their enemies, like befriending them, just becoming fuck-buddies, or, you know, just leaving them alone. (Honestly I kinda feel bad for those little green guys. They never stood a chance, magic powers or not)

Otherwise, I love it! Keep this stuff up!

...Especially the scenes with the nipple fucking. Not enough of that stuff in my opinion

RossTeddyAnimations responds:

It is a good idea what you say, in one of the scenes of the game Ross forgives two great stallions having sex with them to recharge their magical powers without the need to spend it to defeat them and be able to use it on his next enemy, the idea of being able to forgive the enemy or not and then see what happens, if Ross continues as if nothing or the enemy decides to attack from behind and make the viewer lose by concluding his process, I like it :) I will add it in the future

Good art and animation, but I don't think you know how nipples work. There is no hole. The ducts that excrete milk are practically microscopic. That scene was pretty gross. Good work on the rest. 7.5/10

RossTeddyAnimations responds:

Thank you, I always thought that all my life the nipples were like that

Are you gonna release this game for free when it's fully finished?

RossTeddyAnimations responds:

Every month the game receives a small expansion of additional scenes to the story ... to finish the game completely it still has a long future

Three scenes and its already fucking good, congrats.10/10

It's a good start, but I'm not sure where or how you intend to go on from here. I knocked a little off because there's a lot of games out there with huge breasted women taking on a lot of guys, so I feel it doesn't do much to avoid being just "another porn game(tm)". But I can't fault your work.

Also, feel free to ignore all the "white/black magic is racist!" reviews below. If people can't tell the difference between magic types (which were named as such long before black people even encountered whites) and racism, then they don't have the knowledge required to comment on such serious social affairs, let alone on a PORN GAME. Seriously, who brings racial issues into wank material?! I only hope your future projects have less foolish reviews.

RossTeddyAnimations responds:

It is a small start! On Patreon the game is much more advanced than until now, this was its first release ... but don't worry, I plan to re-upload it more advanced for free for all of you, however it will be more updated on Patreon but the new version that I will upload It will have many more options and corridors that the player will be able to see depending on the corridor he chooses ...

The idea of the game is simple, it has a story ... but being a porn game I wanted to highlight that point :)